Modi in Varanasi: PM reiterates 'New India' pitch; says determined to achieve $5-trillion economy status

Modi in Varanasi: PM reiterates 'New India' pitch; says determined to achieve $5-trillion economy status

"The country was run earlier, and also progressed. But now, New India is excited to 'run'. This dream is linked to us becoming a $5 trillion economy," says the PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A day after his government's full-year Budget, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during the launch of the BJP's membership drive in Varanasi today, pitched to realise New India's dream to achieve $5-trillion economy status by 2025. "Yesterday on TV and today in newspapers, you must have heard and read about the goal of $5 trillion economy. It is very important for you all to understand what $5 trillion economy means and how it is connected to every Indian citizen," said the PM. Slamming the Opposition, he said some people doubt our ambition and that the BJP was determined to achieve the goal.

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1.17 PM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches the BJP's membership drive from Varanasi.

1.16 PM: Focusing on building a clean India, a healthy India, and a beautiful India to make the $5-trillion journey easier, says Modi.

1.15 PM: Efforts are being made to unite the entire country for water conservation and water harvesting, says the PM.

1.10 PM: "Along with farming, we are giving special emphasis on Blue Economy", PM Modi said.

1.08 PM: "We have the potential to export food, milk, vegetables, honey or organic products", said PM Modi in Varanasi.

1.05 PM: "When per capita income increases in any country, it increases the purchasing capacity", PM Modi said.

1.00 PM: "Today, looking at the history of most of the developed countries, at one time, the per capita income was not very high", said PM Modi.

1.00 PM: "The goal I am talking to you today will force you to think afresh, a new goal and a new enthusiasm", PM Modi said while addressing people in Varanasi.

12.56 PM: "It would be a matter of courage, of new possibilities, of the sacrificial fire of development, of serving Maa Bharati, and dreaming of New India", PM Modi said.

12.50 PM: "This is the call of the changing Bharat", says PM Modi.

12.41 PM: PM Modi recites a poem on New India's aspiration to become a major economy.

12.19 PM: Some people are doubting the potential of Indians that $5-trillion economy status can't be achieved, says the PM.

12.18 PM: "I salute every dedicated BJP worker across the country," says the PM.

12.15 PM: PM Narendra Modi during the launch of BJP membership drive in Varanasi.

Published on: Jul 06, 2019, 12:33 PM IST
Posted by: Manoj Sharma, Jul 06, 2019, 12:33 PM IST