Donald Trump in India LIVE updates: 'PM Modi terrific leader, India tremendous country,' says President Trump

Donald Trump in India LIVE updates: 'PM Modi terrific leader, India tremendous country,' says President Trump

Donald Trump India Visit Day 2: PM Modi hosted the Trumps for lunch and in the evening President Kovind will host them for a banquet

Donald Trump India Visit Day 2: Busy day for POTUS and FLOTUS Donald Trump India Visit Day 2: Busy day for POTUS and FLOTUS

Donald Trump India Visit Day 2: After an eventful Day 1 of the two-day visit, US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump would have another busy day. President Trump and Melania Trump were welcomed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Ram Nath Kovind at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. President Trump inspected the Guard of Honour at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Following the visit to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Trumps headed to Raj Ghat where they paid their respects to Mahatma Gandhi. After paying their tributes, President Trump and Melania Trump headed to the Hyderabad House. At a press conference, PM Modi thanked President Trump for visiting India with his family. President Trump thanked PM Modi for hosting them and said that the last two days were wonderful.

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Follow the latest updates on US President Donald Trump's visit to India here:

6:10 pm: President Trump said, "India is going to be major player in next 50 to 100 years; India is going to have phenomenal future".

6:00 pm: President Trump said that anything that he and US can do to help in the Kashmir matter they would. "Kashmir has been a thorn in lots of people's sight for a long time. There are two sides to every story. We discussed terrorism at length today," he said.

5:57 pm: "India is probably nation with highest tariffs; Harley Davidson has to pay huge amount of tariff. uS has to be treated fairly," said President Trump.

5:54 pm: "The United States has a great relationship with Pakistan. India is a brave country and I have a great relationship with both the leaders -- Pak PM Imran Khan and Indian PM Narendra Modi. PM Modi is a calm person but very strong, and has some strict opinions on terrorism. He will deal with it," said President Trump.

5:44 pm: "We did talk about religious freedom. The PM said he wants people to have religious freedom. They have worked really hard on it. I heard about the individual attacks but I did not discuss it. It is up to India," he said while speaking about the CAA protests in the country.

5:40 pm: President Trump said spoke about the US peace deal with the Taliban. He said that he spoke with PM Modi regarding the deal and he believes that India would like to see it happen. "We are pretty close. Everybody is happy about it," said POTUS. He also said that he does not think that anyone has done more to contain radical Islamic terrorism than he has.

5:38 pm: President Trump said, "We had a great time. We had great meetings... This is a tremendous country. I think they like us more than they ever liked us. There is a great relationship between the Prime Minister and myself. "

5:35 pm: "At the CEOs roundtable, many CEOs expressed desires to invest in the United States. We had a great time in India. Both the countries signed $3 billion chopper deal," said President Trump.

5:30 pm: "India is buying a lot of defence hardware," said the US President.

5:25 pm: President Trump called Prime Minister Modi a "terrific leader" in press conference. "India is a tremendous country," he said.

4:55 pm: A protest has been staged in Amaravati against the decentralisation of the capital. "Trump save Amaravati" slogans were raised.

4:20 pm:  "On the trade side, the two leaders decided that we would conclude the ongoing discussions as soon as possible and give it a legal framework and the text could be finalized with legal vetting as soon as possible... I think the two leaders also decided to move towards what was referred to as a 'big deal' in the trade sector," said Foreign Secretary.

4:16 pm: "It has been an honour to be here. You have a very special Prime Minister, he really knows what he is doing. He is a tough man. He has done a fantastic job. We work very closely together," said President Trump to India Inc CEOs he was interacting with at the US Embassy. 

4:10 pm: Indian side picked the issue of H-1B visa issue, said Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla.

4:00 pm: Some of the industry leaders present at the President's interaction with the India Inc are Mukesh Ambani, Lakshmi Mittal, Ratan Tata, N Chandrasekaran, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Salil Parekh, and Ritesh Agarwal.

3:59 pm: "If I were not elected the aluminium industry in the US would absolutely been dead. The steel industry would have been dead too," said the President.

3:58 pm: "Some of the regulations have to go through statutory process; we are going to reduce a lot more regulations," said President Trump.

3:53 pm: "I feel I am going to win the coming elections; when we win, markets will go up. Markets will jump thousands of points when I win," says President Trump.

3:50 pm: "I actually follow you guys to see where you are investing," says President Trump to India Inc. He is meeting some industry leaders at the American Embassy.

3:40 pm: POTUS spoke about the coronavirus threat. He said that he is talking to President Xi and they told him that they are working very hard on it.

3:30 pm: President Trump meets India Inc at American Embassy. The who's who of India Inc is present at the interaction. 

2.30 pm: PM Modi to now host the Trumps for lunch.

2:10 pm: Visuals from Melania Trump's visit to the Delhi government school earlier. She also attended a performance prepared by the students of the school.

2:03 pm: The President said that since he assumed term, US exports to India went up nearly 60 per cent and exports of high quality American energy has also gone up by 500 per cent. He said that both the teams have made tremendous progress for a comprehensive trade agreement. "I am optimistic we can reach a deal of great importance to both countries," he added.

1:55 pm: "We think we're at a point where our relationship is so special with India, it has never been as good as it is right now," said President Trump.

1:53 pm: President Trump: The US International Development Finance Cooperation, a government agency that finances private development projects, will establish a permanent presence in India.

1:51 pm: "During our visit we discussed the importance of a secure 5G wireless network and the need for this emerging technology to be a tool for freedom, progress, prosperity, not to do anything with where it could be even conceived as a conduit for suppression and censorship," said President Trump at the press conference.

1:50 pm: President Trump said, "In our discussions, PM Modi and I affirmed our two countries' commitment to protecting our citizens from radical Islamic terrorism. In this effort the US is also working productively with Pakistan to confront terrorists who operate on its soil."

1:48 pm: "Earlier today, we expanded our defence cooperation with agreements for India to purchase more than $3 billion of advanced American military equipment, including Apache and MH-60 Romeo Helicopters - the finest in the world. These will enhance our joint defence capabilities," said President Trump.

1:45 pm: "Melania and I have been awed by the majesty of India and the exceptional generosity and kindness of the Indian people. We will always remember the magnificent welcome the citizens of your home state (of PM Modi) showed us upon arrival," says President Trump.

1:40 pm: "Our commerce ministers have had positive talks on trade. Both of us have decided that our teams should give legal shape to these trade talks. We also agreed to open negotiations on a big trade deal," said PM Modi.

1:39 pm: The leaders said that the countries have decided to enhance the energy partnership as well.

1:37 pm: The Prime Minister said that the two countries have agreed on a new mechanism to conatin drug trafficking. He also said that both India and US have decided to enhance efforts to hold supporters of terrorism accountable.

1:34 pm: "We (India and USA) have resolved to step up efforts to make those who support terrorism, responsible," said PM Modi.

1:33 pm: The Prime Minister said, "We have decided to take Indo-US ties to comprehensive global partnership level."

1:30 pm: PM Modi said, "Today we discussed every important aspect of the US-India partnership, be it defence and security, energy strategic partnership, trade or people to people ties. The strengthening in defence ties between India and US is an important aspect of our partnership."

1:25 pm: "In the last 8 months this is the 5th meeting with President Trump. The unprecedented and historic welcome at Motera Stadium will always be remembered. It has become clear that the relationship between the US and India is people centric and people driven," said PM Modi. 

1:16 pm: The students at the Delhi government school persented Melania Trump with Madhubani paintings before she left the school.

1:12 pm:  "Namaste! It's a beautiful school. Thank you for welcoming me with a traditional dance performance. This is my first visit to India, people here are so welcoming and so kind. In the US, I work with children like you to promote similar ideas of well-being through my 'BE BEST' initiative. Three pillars of 'BE BEST' include dangers of drug abuse, importance of online safety and overall well-being of children," said Melania Trump in her address to the school. She spent about an hour in the school.

1:08 pm: Melania Trump attended a dance performance prepared by the students of the Delhi government school.

1:04 pm: Melania Trump is welcomed with garlands by students of the Sarvodaya Co-Ed school in Delhi. The FLOTUS interacted with the students and attended a happiness class at the school.

12:50 pm: Prime Minister and President Trump meet at the Hyderabad House. The leaders thanked each other at the press conference. Images from the meeting:

12:45 pm: "The last two days, especially yesterday at the stadium, it was a great honour for me. People were there maybe more for you (PM Modi) than for me. 125 thousand people were inside. Every time I mentioned you, they cheered more. People love you here," said President Trump to PM Modi at the press conference.

12:32 pm: "Thank you, the last two days in India has been wonderful," said President Trump to PM Modi at the press conference.

12:30 pm: "I am happy that you came to India with your family. I know that you are busy these days and I thank you for coming to India," said PM Modi to President Trump during the press conference.

12:25 pm: Melania Trump interacts with students at the school. She also attended a happiness class.

12:14 pm: "We sing, we play, we laugh," reads a black board at the Delhi government school. Melania Trump visited the school and attended a happiness class. She also interacted with the students of the school.

12:08 pm: Melania Trump attended a happiness class at the Sarvodaya Senior Secondary School in Delhi.

12:02 pm: Images from Melania and Donald Trump's visit to the Raj Ghat. The Trumps paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi in their short visit.

11:58 am: Images from Melania Trump's visit to the Delhi government school. Students greeted her with flowers and Indian and American flags. Lot of students were dressed up in traditional Indian attire.

11:50 am: Melania Trump was greeted by students with flowers. The school band also performed for the FLOTUS upon her arrival. The First Lady will attend a happiness class at the school.

11:45 am: FLOTUS Melania Trump arrives at the Delhi government school, Sarvodaya Senior Secondary School in South Delhi. She will attend a happiness class at the school.

11:35 am: Trump's daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump picked a white formal button-down suit for Day 2 of the visit. Her choice of dressing is keeping in line with the formal meetings and lunch scheduled for the day.

11:27 am: Images from Hyderabad House where the Prime Minister met the POTUS and FLOTUS.

11:20 am: Union Minister Smriti Irani will not accompany Melania Trump at her Delhi school visit to keep the visit apolitical, as mentioned in a report in India Today. Earlier Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia's names were dropped from the list of invitees to the event.

11:15 am: "The American people stand strongly with a sovereign and wonderful India - the vision of the great Mahatma Gandhi. This is a tremendous honor!," wrote POTUS on the visitors' book at Raj Ghat.

11:10 am: PM Modi welcomes the US President and the First Lady at the Hyderabad House. The two leaders will hold delegation-level talks at the Hyderabad House.

11:04 am: The US President and the First Lady wrote on the visitors' book at the Raj Ghat after they paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi. Visuals from the signing:

10:58 am: President Donald Trump will hold closed-door meeting with PM Modi at Hyderabad House shortly. Once the meeting wraps up, PM Modi will host the US President, the First Lady and the US delegation for lunch.

10:50 am: Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri accompanied the Trumps at Raj Ghat. President Trump and the First Lady also planted a tree at the Raj Ghat.

10:46 am: After their quick visit to the Raj Ghat, Melania and Donald Trump will head to Hyderabad House before parting ways briefly. Donald Trump will hold talks with PM Modi. Melania Trump will head to the Delhi government school where she will witness a happiness class before heading for the lunch hosted by PM Modi.

10:40 am: Visuals from Raj Ghat where the Trumps paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

10:35 am: The Trumps reach Raj Ghat. POTUS and FLOTUS pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

10:30 am: PM Modi has arrived at the Hyderabad House, while the Trumps are making their way to the Raj Ghat. The Trumps will pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. The Trumps also visited the Sabarmati Ashram on Day 1 of the visit.

10:25 am: US President Donald Trump will hold a press conference today at 5 pm. This will be separate from the joint press conference that is scheduled to be held by POTUS and PM Modi. There will be no questions and answer round during Trump's press conference.

10:23 am: Images from the Motera Stadium during the Namaste Trump event on Day 1 of the Trumps' visit.

10:19 am: President Trump, Melania Trump, President Kovind and Savita Kovind pose for a photo at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

10:14 am: President Trump and Melania Trump will head to the Raj Ghat shortly before the POTUS heads to the Hyderabad House to hold talks with PM Modi.

10:10 am: Visuals from PM Modi, President Kovind and Savita Kovind welcoming Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

10:07 am: President Kovind and PM Modi welcome Donald and Melania Trump at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

10:06 am: President Kovind arrive at the Rashtrapati Bhavan forecourt with his wife Savita Kovind.

10:02 am:  Sarvodaya Co-Ed Senior Secondary School will host FLOTUS Melania Trump today where she will interact with the students. She is expected to reach there by noon. The government school has been fortified and beautified in the run-up to her visit.

10:00 am: PM Modi arrives at the Rashtrapati Bhavan for the ceremonial reception of US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

9:58 am: President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold talks at the Hyderabad House today.

9:55 am: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said he is happy that Melania Trump who will visit a government school in Delhi will take back the message of happiness from their "happiness curriculum".

9:50 am: Visuals from the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

9:45 am: President Trump along with Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have reached the Rashtrapati Bhavan for the ceremonial reception of the US President.

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