Infographic: Farm Bills - The Hot Potato

Infographic: Farm Bills - The Hot Potato

Modi government recently introduced three new farm bills with the promise to remedy the agricultural sector of its malaises, but these have been met with protests across India. We take a look at what promise do these bills hold for farmers

The government calls them 'historic', the farmers call them 'anti-farmer'. The new farm bills introduced by the Modi government have been received widespread opposition. Centre says these bills will help small and marginal farmers by allowing them to sell their produce outside mandis, making it easier to sell to agri-business firms, and doing away with stock-holding limits on key commodities.

The biggest contention raised by farmers bodies is that the new laws will be the end of market support price (MSP) regime and leave farmers to fend for themselves in price-related disputes. The inadequate legal framework to ensure that corporates pay the farmers their dues is another issue raised by those opposing the new farm bills. Farmers are worried that they will lose rights to their own land to big companies if these laws are implemented.

The extensive network of Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMCs), which have been the go-to place for farmers to sell their yields and are run by state governments, also stand to face huge of loss of revenue.

This BusinessToday.In infographic explains the state of farmers in India and how the new farm bills promise to change the agricultural landscape in the country.

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