Pay Commission in Rajasthan: Pay hike delayed by three months as panel demands extension

Rajasthan goverment will review the recommendations for around three months before approvng after the pay panel submits them later in August.

Rajasthan state government employees will have to wait for a pay hike. Rajasthan state government employees will have to wait for a pay hike.

Rajasthan will have to wait a little longer before Seventh Pay Commission becomes a reality in the state. The committee tasked with implementing the new pay structure is yet not prepared with its recommendations in the matter and has called for an extension.

More than seven lakh employees and three lakh pensioners are awaiting the recommendations to be proposed and approved in order to get the 7th Pay Commission awards. With the committee asking for an extension, the implementation is set to be delayed by at least three months, says a Times of India report.

The committee, which was supposed to submit its recommendations on 7th Pay Commission originally on June 7, has already got an extension of thirty days. The revised deadline expires today.  

Headed by retired bureaucrat DC Samant, the committee was constituted in February and began working in March this year. Its purpose was to resolve anomalies in employees' salaries while recommending and implementing new pay scales for state government employees under 7th Pay Commission. The panel would also estimate additional burden the revised salaries and allowances will put on the state exchequer.

Quoting internal sources, the TOI report states that now the 7th Pay Commission for state government employees in Rajasthan will be tabled sometime around August 15. As per an estimate, the state government will take another three months to review the recommendations before approving them.

The Rajasthan government is expected to spend around Rs 10,000 crore over payment of pay, pension and allowances if all recommendations of 7th Pay Commission are to be implemented in the state.

Considering financial duress the government will face with implementing the 7th Pay Commission, arrears will be paid in the general provident fund (GPF) instead of paying it in cash.

However`, government employee associations in state have blamed the government of delaying the implementation of 7th Pay Commission, the report said.

Meanwhile, the Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led Cabinet approved the recommendations of Seventh Pay Commission for state government employees on Tuesday. This move will lead to 14 per cent increase in the salaries of around 6.5 lakh government staff in Madhya Pradesh.

The bump of 14 per cent in paychecks of state government employees will create a burden of Rs 3,828 crore on the state government.

Payment of arrears for the duration till which the pay panel recommendations were delayed will put additional weight of Rs 5,742 crore on the state exchequer.

For the remaining part of the ongoing financial year, the state government will have to spend another Rs 2,552 crore for implementing the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission in Madhya Pradesh.

Last week, the Union Cabinet led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the reformed allowance structure recommended by the Seventh Central Pay Commission

The Union Cabinet approved the allowance structure with 34 modifications and all of them were hiked except House Rent Allowance. Central government employees had to wait for a year to see new allowance rates being implemented.

The amount paid under HRA went up still, even though the rates were slashed on recommendations from the pay panel. The new allowances will affect 48 lakh central government employees.

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