PM Modi speech Live updates: Janta curfew this Sunday; don't step out, says PM

PM Narendra Modi speech Live: PM Modi assured that steps are being taken to ensure sufficient supply of essential items and people don't have to for panic buying

PM Modi on Covid 19 live news updates PM Modi on Covid 19 live news updates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation today to talk about the steps taken by the government and civil intiatives that need to be taken to fight coronavirus. In his address, PM Modi urged the people to observe janta curfew - a self-imposed curfew by the public, for the public - on March 22 between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm. He also assured that the government is taking steps to ensure sufficient supply of essential goods and there is no need for panic buying.

PM Modi also announced COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force that will take decisions regarding the economic implications of coronavirus after consulting with the stakeholders.

The Prime Minister urged Indians to avoid coming out of homes as much as possible. "I also urge senior citizens of over 65 years to not step outside their homes in the next few weeks," said PM Modi. He asked people to applaud people to applaud the doctors, sanitary workers, government officials and others who are still at the frontline in these times of epidemic.

PM Modi chaired a high-level meeting to review the measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday evening. After the meeting, the PMO announced that the PM would address the nation on Thursday at 8:00 pm.

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Follow live updates from PM Narendra Modi's speech on BusinessToday.In:

9.15 pm: Janta Curfew will lead to loss of livelihood: Congress leader Sanjay Jha

9.00 pm: 'Excellent initiative': Akshay Kumar praises Janta Curfew

8.53 pm: BJP chief JP Nadda appreciates Janta Curfew initiative.

8.50 pm: Amitabh Kant, NITI Aayog CEO, shows support for Janta Curfew.

8.48 pm: Shashi Tharoor backs Janta Curfew.

8.32 pm: Protect ourselves, protect then nation, protect the world, says PM Modi.

8.31 pm: Contribute to the fight against coronavirus, says PM Modi.

8.31 pm: Prioritise protecting youself from coronavirus, says PM Modi.

8.27 pm: Steps taken to ensure supply of essential items; don't go for panic buying, says PM Modi.

8.26 pm: I would request employers to not cut the wages of those who can't come to work, says PM Modi

8.26 pm: Coronavirus pandemic has affected the middle class, lower middle class and the poor, says PM Modi

8.25 pm: PM Modi announces COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force.

8.23 pm: Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the economy, says PM Modi.

8.22 pm: Don't burden hospitals, take advice from doctors on the phone, says PM Modi

8.21 pm: On March 22, 5:00 pm, we should extend gratitude towards those who are fulfilling their duties in these times, says PM Modi.

8.20 pm: All outdoor services can't be called common anymore. Those who work outdoors are doing a service to the nation, says PM Modi.

8.18 pm: Urge state governments to take initiative for janta curfew, says PM Modi.

8.18 pm: This janta curfew will help us prepare for coming hardships, says PM Modi.

8.18 pm: You can also call 10 people and make them aware about the janata curfew: PM Modi.

8.18 pm: This janata curfew on March 22 will help us acquaint ourselves with self-isolation, says PM Modi.

8.17 pm: I urge citizens to observe janata curfew on March 22 from 7am to 9pm: PM Modi.

8.15 pm: PM Modi proposes Janata curfew - by janata, for janata.

8.15 pm: It is possible that our senior generations are not fully aware of the situation: PM Modi.

8.14 pm: I also urge senior citizens of over 65 years to not step outside their homes in the next few weeks, says PM Modi.

8.13 pm: Social distancing in times of coronavirus extremely important and effective, says PM Modi.

8.11 pm: I urge you to step outside only when it is of extreme importance for the next few weeks, says PM Modi.

8.10 pm: Work from home as much as possible, says PM Modi

8:07 pm: We must follow all instructions of authorities to ensure we are not infected and also pledge to protect othera from getting infected, says PM Modi.

8:07 pm: We need to be determined and patient, says PM Modi.

8:07 pm: In a country like India with 130 crore population the threat of coronavirus is not common, says PM Modi.

8.05 pm: Every Indian needs to be vigilant, says PM Modi.

8.05 pm: I want some of your time in the coming weeks, says PM Modi

8:05 pm: Indian govt is fully monitoring the pandemic, says PM Modi.

8:01 pm: Coronavirus affects more countries than previous two world wars, says PM Narendra Modi.

8:00 pm: PM Narendra Modi will address the nation shortly.