100 Days of Yogi 2.0 - Target Vs Achievement

100 Days of Yogi 2.0 - Target Vs Achievement

Yogi has taken many steps in the government within the last 100 days. After the decision of free ration in the first cabinet in UP, now the first ground breaking ceremony was organized to bring investment in the state.

In this, not only the country but many famous industrialists of the world had participated now the government is going to complete its 100 days. In this, not only the country but many famous industrialists of the world had participated now the government is going to complete its 100 days.

Yogi Adityanath's government in Uttar Pradesh is going to complete 100 days on July 5. Yogi, even in his second term, has done his work to get rid of sweat from officials to ministers. Yogi has taken many steps in the government within the last 100 days. After the decision of free ration in the first cabinet in UP, now the first ground breaking ceremony was organized to bring investment in the state. In this, not only the country but many famous industrialists of the world had participated now the government is going to complete its 100 days.

Before the completion of the 100 days the government has set target of the departments to fulfill within the time frame. Earlier, as soon as the government was formed, an action plan of 100 days, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 5 years was fixed for all the departments. Under this, the target of 100 days has to be completed by June 30 in any case. In this regard, instructions have been issued to all the departments at the Chief Secretary level.

All ministers and public representatives will be among the people. Yogi has given strict instructions that we will have to apprise the public about the progress of action taken so far in the course of our resolutions. On the occasion of completion of first 100 days, the details of their achievements will be presented to the public by the departmental ministers. Along with the progress report of 100 days, information about the target for the next 06 months will also be given. This responsibility has been entrusted to the ministers in charge of all the divisions.

Yogi Adityanath Government 100 Days Targets and Achievements

Agricultural production sector

The work related to flood protection targeted to completed before June 15. The old embankments should be repaired in time.

There is a problem of name miss match in PM Kisan Yojana. In such a situation, data correction was done by running a campaign. Recovery also be made from the ineligible. E-KYC of farmers was completed by 31st May.

The government showed committed to make sugarcane price payment to farmers within 14 days. All necessary efforts were made for this.

Grant transfer to the units approved under the Uttar Pradesh Food Processing Industries Policy-2017 was done in the next 100 days.

In order to make the center self-supporting with cow protection, a cow sanctuary was rargeted to be established in the next 100 days. Also, 50,000 destitute cows coordinated with Panchayati Raj and urban development.  

Infrastructure and industrial development & Power

The target in the construction of power lines was set which was met in a time bound manner. Seven new sub-stations of 4126 MVA capacity to be built in next hundred days to make a big contribution in strengthening power supply.

The responsible organization held responsible in the construction and maintenance of roads and the roads that break prematurely should be strengthened immediately. the process of construction of flatted factories in Agra, Kanpur and Gorakhpur began in the 100 days.

Preparing to launch Atal Industrial Infrastructure Mission within the 100 days to give a more planned look in the field of industrial infrastructure development. Within 100 days, the third ground breaking ceremony organized in the state catering 75000 crore investment.

Preparations were made to start Garment and Plastic Park in Gorakhpur in the next two years. The ground breaking ceremony of the Toy Park in Yida was done within the next 100 days.

UP has got a new identity as an expressway state, preparations were made to start the main carriageway of Bundelkhand Expressway at the earliest.

Target to quickly complete the process of MoU with NHAI for Ballia Link Expressway.

A big loan fair organized in the next three months, in which target to provide loans to minimum 01 lakh entrepreneurs through banks was concluded on June 30th.

Social security sector

MIS portal targeted to be prepared for smooth implementation and continuous monitoring of Mukhyamantri Bal Seva Yojana (Covid and General) scheme. Similarly, Com MIS should be started for the Child Care Institutions, Juvenile Justice Boards and Child Welfare Committees portal in 100 days.

The fixed amount of Social Security Pension, Chief Minister Kanya Sumangala Yojana and Child Service Scheme should be sent in quarterly installments to the bank accounts of eligible people on time.

Taking an innovative effort in the last tenure, the government formed the Kinnar Kalyan Board. Identification of destitute transgender persons and their identity cards should be made within the next 100 days. The service of old age home should be started for such people.

For the modernization of madrassa education, preparations made to launch madarsa education mobile app in the next 100 days. The life story of the great heroes of the Indian freedom struggle, the symbols of Indiannes included in the courses of madarsa education.

In the hundred days, the Gram Panchayats integrated in the food grain purchase scheme and door step delivery was arranged. Efforts initiated towards authorizing fair price shops as common service centres.  

Urban Development Sector

With a need to introduce electronic bus service in all municipal corporations. The fleet of e-buses operating in 14 cities doubled in the 100 days.  

Kashi, Meerut, Gorakhpur, Bareilly, Jhansi and Prayagraj are to be connected by metro rail service. Preparation to start the works of Gorakhpur Metro Light Project within 06 months.  

10,000 new toilets to be constructed for the convenience of women under Mission Pink Toilet within the next 100 days.

There was a need to improve the work of door-to-door garbage collection in cities. In the 100 days, target set that the benefit of this service reaches all the households.

The PWD Department focused on completing the 100-day action plans as well as on preparing the road network for big plans and accessible traffic.

A special campaign run from April 15 to June 15 to shine the municipal corporations, selected municipal councils under Mission Amrit and the municipal councils of the district headquarters. During this, along with the cleanliness of the cities, 12 points have to be implemented.

Wall painting should be done in other cities on the lines of Varanasi and Prayagraj. Garbage lifting done in the second shift from 4 to 8 pm at the main market, public places, bus stations, railway stations and tourist places of the city.

A special campaign should be launched to clean the drains and drains, so that there is no water logging in the rainy season. The Supervising Officer should make a digital diary for this. A directory of public toilets also made and repaired.
Medical & Health Sector

There should be adequate deployment of doctors and nurses for smooth functioning of medical services. Instruction given that the doctor-nurse ratio should be 1:1. Eligible professionals selected by creating posts as per the requirement.

State employees and pensioners benefited from cashless medical facility within the next 100 days.

Add at least 800 new ambulances to your fleet in the next 100 days. Process began to increase the number of ALS from 250 to 375 in 01 year and then to 500 in the next year.

Adequate availability of medicines should be maintained in all the hospitals/health centres. There should be no shortage of about 300 medicines considered essential. Its continuous monitoring should also be done.

Complete the recruitment process for 20,000 posts of Anganwadi workers and assistants in the next six months. All Anganwadi workers and health friends should be provided the benefit of Ayushman Bharat scheme. Each worker and assistant should be given two saris each as a uniform.

Rural development sector

BDO/Tehsildar/SDM should reside at their place of posting. If there is a government accommodation, then arrange for rented accommodation otherwise.

The work of establishing two hi-tech nurseries in every district should be ensured through MNREGA. One nursery will produce 15 lakh saplings. Before the rains, de-silt the drains. If necessary, cooperation should be taken from MNREGA. Rain water harvesting should also be done in the villages.

In the next 100 days, rivers should be revived under MGNREGA and plantation should be done as per requirement. In the next two years, work with the goal of constructing 15,000 sports grounds and rejuvenating 30 thousand ponds.

Make sure to get caste certificate within 15 days of application. Similarly, arrangements should be made to distribute caste certificates along with birth certificates to newborns.

At least two model gram panchayats in every district should be saturated with all basic amenities and development works.

Whether the land is government or private, the strictest action should be taken against the illegal occupants without discrimination. This is a factor of big dispute in the villages, it should be dealt with strictly. Illegal encroachments on transit land should also be investigated and action should be taken.

Establishment of 200 Tech Home Ration Plant and supply of nutritious food in 600 development blocks ensured in the coming hundred days.

In the next hundred days, under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, construction of five thousand km of roads and periodic renewal of 28 hundred km of roads completed.

In the coming 100 days, 100% functionality and online presence of all village secretariats ensured and Panchayat secretaries posted according to the cluster.

Guidelines for co-establishment of CSC in village secretariat should be issued in a hundred days and for the construction of 750 additional rooms of CSC in Panchayat Bhawan, Gram Panchayats should be selected and funds should be released.
Charitable work, tourism, culture and language department

Online Integrated Temple Information System developed in view of the convenience of devotees and tourists within the 100 days. In which information about the details of temples, history, route map etc.  

Efforts to establish Surdas Brajbhasha Academy, Goswami Tulsidas Awadhi Academy, Keshavdas Bundeli Academy, Sant Kabir Das Bhojpuri Academy to be completed in the next 100 days.  

Education & Youth Welfare Sector

In the coming hundred days, efforts made to start Wi-Fi facility in government schools, website of all schools, email id of all students, biometric attendance in government schools. Development of career counseling portal 'Pankh', school online monitoring grading and e-library portal developed.  

In the next hundred days, started the portal by making rules for e-learning parks and ABACUS-UP in 120 state colleges. Also, online portal for application for setting up of private universities, launch incubators in five state colleges and three state universities.  

During the next 06 months, the amount of Uniform, Bag, Sweater, Shoe-stocking should be transferred to all the students through DBT. Make sure that children come to school in uniform.  

Mangal Dal has emerged as a great platform to connect youth with social concerns along with sports. Important works like Fit India, Namami Gange, Tree Plantation, Blood Donation, Cleanliness, Relief and Rescue from covid were done by Mangal parties. Action taken to form 11,000 Mangal Dal in the 100 days and in the next 02 years.  

Home, Prison, Home Guard, Secretariat Administration and Appointment and Personnel Department

All cabinet ministers to go to the field. The program is being prepared for 18 weeks by forming 18 teams for 18 circles under the chairmanship of cabinet ministers. These team stayed for 72 hours in each division and travelled to different districts met people, investigated the system, examined the possibilities, after that the nodal officers of 75 districts submitted the plan of implementation in 15 days.  

The unit of Special Task Force (STF) targeted be formed in Ayodhya district for the next 100 days.  

Efforts made to bring down the response time of UP 112 further to 10 minutes. Single window system for police, prosecution and organization implemented in a phased manner.  

In order to strengthen law and order, one new women PAC battalion should be formed in Jalaun, Mirzapur and Balrampur districts and prepared a proposal in this regard.  

Energetic, efficient and dedicated personnel selected in the coming 100 days for the new team of Special Police Operation Team (Spot). They were trained in collaboration with the Central Police Force/Indian Army. Sniper training given to them, as well as special adventure courses also done to increase their confidence.

In order to further strengthen the system of investigation / investigation, UP Special Police Establishment Act to be prepared in Uttar Pradesh on the lines of Central Bureau of Investigation. Taken action in this direction within 100 days.  

For women in UP Home Guards, only women set to be recruited in 20 percent of the vacant posts of the department. Aim to make a proposal to start the recruitment process in 100 days to the officers.

The agenda of the first 100 days of the second term is to fill about 20 thousand vacant government posts and provide self-employment opportunities to more than 50 thousand unemployed people of the state.  

There is a need to amend the existing policy regarding premature release of prisoners which was began within 100 days.  

Requisition for the direct recruitment of the upcoming selection year sent by all the departments before May 31, the process of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission and Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission recruitment started.  

For transparent and corruption-free good governance, an effective system of change of staff to be implemented in the state in the coming hundred days. For uniformity in seniority based departmental promotions, standards of suitability were set.  

Revenue collection sector

To intensify the awareness campaign for more and more merchants to be registered under GST. Kept a target that in 100 days to carry forward campaign by establishing regular contact and dialogue with business organizations, bar associations.  
OTS scheme implemented within the next 100 days for the purpose of speedy settlement of pre-GST litigations and arrears.  

On one hand the Yogi Govt has tried to set a parameter in the second innings through short term goals but its major focus has been on the implementation of the existing schemes. Not only in terms of giving a message to people about the priorities of the new government but also to answer the opposition who has questioned over the rising inflation, unemployment, law and order and neglecting the backward weaker section of the society. The government has shown its major focus of these areas and worked accordingly which has been a major highlight of its 100 days.

Yogi's focus on Sankalp Patra

Elections were held in Uttar Pradesh only three months back. During the elections, BJP had made election promises to the public. This election promise was placed before the public in the form of a resolution letter and the government had promised that it would be fulfilled by considering these promises as a resolution.

Moving forward in this direction, Yogi Adityanath's government had worked to fulfill 94 promises made in the Sankalp Patra in its first budget itself. Referring to this, Yogi had said that the government will move towards fulfilling the rest of the promises soon.  

Free ration extended for 3 months in UP

After the formation of the BJP government for the second time in Uttar Pradesh, the government did the first and biggest thing by increasing the ration for three months. 15 crore people of Uttar Pradesh got benefit from this. Now the government has extended this agenda for another 3 months. This has sent a good message to the public. If sources are to be believed, this plan of the government can be pushed further in the coming days. This decision has brought relief to the people of UP. This decision was taken only during the first cabinet in which it was announced to increase the ration for three months.  

Division's responsibility entrusted to cabinet ministers

The government appointed 18 ministers in 18 mandals of UP. All the ministers visited their respective divisions and submitted their report to the CM. All these ministers visited their districts and submitted their report to CM Yogi Adityanath. It was only after the first round of ministers that the CM changed the districts of all the ministers. Now the ministers are busy in the districts under their charge afresh.  

Investor Ground Breaking Ceremony  

There was an investment of Rs 75,000 crores in Uttar Pradesh. After this, the ground breaking ceremony was also organized in the second government of Yogi. Many eminent industrialists participated in this program. The third ground breaking ceremony has been organized in Uttar Pradesh. The foundation stone of 80 thousand projects was laid in this program. Efforts will be made to get these projects off the ground in the next five years. Earlier, in Yogi's first term also, investor summit was organized twice.

Speaking to India Today, UP Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak said that the government have been able to successfully achieve the target in 100 days. Speaking on the 100-day action plan, Pathak said, “In 100 days, more work was done than expected. Problems were solved on the basis of public participation. Drinking water, electricity, tube wells, roads and other projects of public interest have been completed.” Pathak further said, “The Health Department has tried to provide better services, free medicines, and high-level health services to the poor.” he added.

On the other hand, opposition has raised questions over the actual progress in 100 days. SP ally partner Bhartiya Suheldev Party President O.P Rajbhar said that government other than making false promises has not done anything. The government is against the benefits of backwards, has not done anything for their education, healthcare, reservation rights and talk about the 100 days agenda. There is big difference between the claim and the ground reality.

Speaking to India Today, SP National Spokesperson Dr. Nitendra Singh Yadav said that CM Yogi second term is like an undeclared emergency, where Uttar Pradesh is facing the brunt of inflation, unemployment, poverty, starvation, the same law and order is completely ruined, the criminal is fearless, there is protection of power, murder, robbery, rape has become common, the police is unbridled in the businessman's hotel.

Whether it was murder or the police station officer of the victim or whether it is common to be raped, writing false cases against the opposition leaders and journalists who raise their voice, suppressing the voice of democracy through bulldozers and police harassment has remained the sole objective of the government for youth employment. To prove people anti-national, in a way it is an undeclared emergency where the opposition has been strictly prohibited from speaking.