US scholar Tom Nichols finds Indian food 'terrible', Zomato serves a fiery reply

Admirers of Indian food, Indians and foreigners alike, called Tom Nichols flavourless, mistaken and even wrong

Tom Nichols (left) called Indian food terrible in a tweet Tom Nichols (left) called Indian food terrible in a tweet

US scholar and writer Tom Nichols faced the ire of Twitter after posting a tweet where he called Indian food 'terrible'. Admirers of the cuisine, Indians and foreigners alike, did not allow the affront go unpunished, calling Nichols flavourless, mistaken, and even wrong. Food delivery aggregator Zomato also joined the Twitterati to criticise Nichols for his rude statement in Indian food.

It started with tweet from Twitter user Jon Becker which read: "Please quote tweet this with your most controversial food opinion, I love controversial food opinions."

Nichols quoted this tweet to present his controversial take on Indian food: "Indian food is terrible and we pretend it isn't."

To say the least, the comment was not well received by Twitter. The comment section was flooded by users disagreeing with Nichols. Even Zomato had a say on Nichols dislike for Indian food.

Here's more of what Twitter had to say about Nichols and his opinion about Indian food.