KURT STRAUB Vice President (Operations), India, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts (Photo: Shekhar Ghosh)

Different Strokes

Nov 13, 2017

International hotel chains are using a multibrand and asset-light strategy to grow faster.

The Disruption

Nov 13, 2017

Several changes are shaking up the structure of the travel sector.

Marasa Sarovar Premiere, Tirupati

The European Touch

Nov 13, 2017

Sarovar Hotels and Resorts is looking to conquer new frontiers after the acquisition by the Louvre Group.

The pool-side view at Sujan Jawai, Rajasthan

Uber Luxury

Nov 13, 2017

A boutique hotel chain promises a fine blend of extravagance and out-of-the-box experiences.

A Thriving Industry But..

Nov 15, 2017

Tourism in India accounts for 10 per cent of GDP. It's also the third-largest foreign exchange earner. Still, the country's share of international tourism has much scope for improvement.