eBay Census 2012: Delhi tops eCommerce hub, electronics most popular category

eBay Census 2012: Delhi tops eCommerce hub, electronics most popular category

According to the eBay's Census 2012, 48 per cent of the total online transactions were in the electronics cateogry while 41 per cent in lifestyle.

eBay India on Wednesday released the fifth edition of its annual Census guide, highlighting key trends in online purchases, exports and imports on the eCommerce website.

According to the report, the website has witnessed 30 per cent growth in the number of eCommerce hubs, which went up to 4,306 cities across India, from 3,300 last year.

The report also stated that the five states with the most transactions were Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Delhi was the top ecommerce hub, followed by Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore and Chennai.

Surprisingly, the top rural hubs were Guntur (Andhra Pradesh), Choryasi (Gujarat), Kartikapally (Kerala), Villupuram (Tamil Nadu) and Dindori (Maharashtra).

According to the report, 48 per cent of the total transactions came from the electronics sector while 41 per cent was from lifestyle, comprising apparel, shoes, handbags, sports equipment, kitchenware and so on.

The maximum number of shoppers in the lifestyle domain were women.

The top brands listed in this report are Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nokia and Sandisk. In order of popularity, laptop accessories, men's wallets, tablets, men's watches and modems were the most purchased items on the portal.

The report says Indian shoppers from 2,638 cities have been making purchases from 141 countries through eBay.