Addressing the controversies around tax, privacy, and data, he argued artificial intelligence was more profound than fire, electricity or the internet

Free, open internet under attack, says Sundar Pichai

Jul 13, 2021

In an in-depth interview with BBC, Google Chief Sundar Pichai warned that free and open internet is under attack in countries around, restricting flow of information

SpaceX to launch high-speed Starlink satellite broadband service in India next year

SpaceX to partner with Indian companies to manufacture satellite communications gear

Jul 13, 2021

“SpaceX is excited to find ways to work together with the Indian industry for manufacturing products for its Starlink devices,” said director Matt Botwin

Twitter to launch events page dedicated to assembly polls on voting and result days

Assembly polls: Twitter updates policy; to block fake news, tweets spreading violence

Mar 24, 2021

Twitter will remove content that interferes with elections and is false or contains misleading information about procedures to participate in polls. Twitter says its users may not deceptively share synthetic or manipulated information that is likely to cause harm

How online frauds are growing in the digital payment space

Aug 26, 2020

As the e-commerce transaction process entails multiple entities at different stages, such as marketplace, merchants, payment gateways, financial institutes, apart from the consumers, each of them can act as a vulnerability or attack point for malicious actors