Apple Mac Studio teardown reveals option to upgrade device memory

Apple Mac Studio teardown reveals option to upgrade device memory

Another big revelation coming out of the teardown is the “sheer size” of the M1 Ultra SoC.

(Photo: Apple) (Photo: Apple)

Apple is not big on letting customers open up or upgrade their devices too easily. Sure, they have announced a self-repair option for some of their devices but the company has cautioned that only those with adequate knowledge about repairing a device should take it up. When it comes to repairing or upgrading the device, Apple wants consumers to turn to authorised personnel only.

And things are no different with the new Apple Mac Studio that the company introduced earlier this month. Like most other Apple Mac devices, this one cannot be easily opened or upgraded. However, as reports have it, a teardown video has revealed that Apple has accommodated some upgradability options in the Mac Studio, “although user repairs will be difficult”. The same video, created by Max Tech, also gives us a closer look at the M1 Ultra SoC and how much bigger it is in comparison to other desktop processors.

Max Tech has disassembled the M1 Ultra Mac Studio for the video, Apple also sells an M1 Max version of it too.

The video reveals that Apple really does not want people to repair the Mac Studio, unlike what it allows for older Mac machines like the Intel-powered Mac minis. The Mac Studio is protected by multiple players of screws along coupled with silicone rings that must be removed to open the mini PC up and access the power supply and the logic board with the M1 Ultra.

Max Tech’s video shows how the M1 Ultra chip compared to the Ryzen 3 3300X for size. The Ryzen chip, however, does not contain as many components as the M1 Ultra, and Apple has combined two M1 Max chips vis its UltraFusion architecture to create the M1 Ultra. Also, the video does not de-lid the m1 Ultra to show what’s inside.

What is being called the “biggest surprise” in the Mac Studio is the fact that it has two M.2-style connectors. These connectors are used for Apple’s proprietary SSDs so, theoretically, as Notebook Check points out, it is possible to upgrade the storage on the Mac Studio, but only if Apple “ever sells replacement drives”.

Right now, Apple does not sell any replacement drives and nor does any third party sell compatible ones. However, the fact that the possibility exists means that a Mac Studio should be repairable if its SSDs stops working at some stage, and also, if the logic board fails, that “should not result in a total storage loss, too”.

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