Google Chrome will soon be able to do Lens image searches without leaving the page

Google Chrome will soon be able to do Lens image searches without leaving the page

The Chrome browser will support Google Lens right on the page

(Photo: Google) (Photo: Google)

Google’s image recognition software Google Lens is going to become easier to use with the Chrome browser support that’s coming in on desktop. Currently, if you want to use Google Lens on a particular image on a website, the browser opens a page of results in a new tab and you have to leave the page to see the results.

Soon, this extra step will be removed, and instead of the browser showing results in a new tab, it will be shown in a panel on the right side of the webpage. Only if you want to find the image source Chrome will open that result up in a new browser tab.

Google Lens has been available on mobile for a while now and is accessible via Google’s apps on iOS and/or the native camera app on some specific Android phones. When Google finally brought the image recognition software to the desktop via the Chrome browser, it could only be accessed by right-clicking on the image you want to search and then picking “Search Image with Google Lens”.

By design, Google Lens can identify anything ranging from buildings, monuments, animals,

plants, clothes, art and essentially offers a “more visual way to find the information you’re seeking online”. This feature is very handy, but at this point, it feels more like a “fun novelty” than an actually useful tool that’s as helpful as Google’s other search features.

Now, with this new way of accessing Google Lens on the browser, Google Lens’ use should become more commonplace and regular on the desktop, as it is on mobile. The new Lens panel is currently rolling out to Google Chrome users everywhere. If you don’t see it yet, give it a bit.

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Published on: May 25, 2022, 3:33 PM IST
Posted by: Jhinuk Sen, May 25, 2022, 3:27 PM IST