Google’s foldable Pixel gets delayed again, but here's why that's not a bad thing

Google’s foldable Pixel gets delayed again, but here's why that's not a bad thing

Google will literally be one of the last companies to enter the foldable race, but that’s probably a good bet.

(Photo: Google) (Photo: Google)

We’ve already seen foldable devices in the market from Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, etc. Apple is expected to join in soon and as is Google. Reports had it that Google was supposed to launch its Pixel Fold last year, but recent reports suggest that it is going to be delayed.

According to a Korean-based outlet The Elec, the Pixel Fold (or whatever Google Plans to call it) has been delayed “yet again” and the company should launch the device by next year. The Elec claimed that the plan was to launch the device by the fourth quarter of 2022, but this second delay has pushed it over to the next year.

If they are right, that means we’re not going to see the Pixel Fold any time before 2023, maybe by the first quarter, if we are lucky. The Elec’s sources said that Google decided to postpone the launch of the Pixel Fold because the device is not “as complete” as Google wishes.

We’ve seen companies struggle with foldable smartphones. We’ve seen fragile folding screens, dysfunctional hinges, creases on the screen, etc., and almost all the companies that have rolled out foldable smartphones already have struggled through these issues, fixing them over every subsequent iteration. If Google wants to avoid this hassle, it is only fair.

If the sources are to be believed, Google is taking time to get things right and plans to roll out a device only when they are sure. Foldable smartphones are more complex than normal smartphones with different internals including split batteries and compromised camera capacity. Google clearly does not want to make the same mistakes other brands have.

According to reports, the Pixel Fold is expected to have a 7.57-inch main screen with ultra-thin glass and a 5.78-inch smartphone display. The smartphone should be powered by the company’s in-house Tensor chip and bring in some of the superior camera prowess we’ve seen on its Pixel devices.

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