Zenatix launches IoT-based employee safety solution Zensafe

Zenatix launches IoT-based employee safety solution Zensafe

The device is already installed in offices of Hero Group, NTPC's Power Management Institute Noida and in the coworking space Smartworks

When Jaipur-based Girnar Software opened its offices on May 11, it duly bought thermal scanners to ensure employee safety. But it was cumbersome for the handful of security guards to check temperature manually of all employees entering office, leading to long queues. "It is not how one would like to start the day," says Lokesh Sharma, the firm's Head of Administration. It led to the realisation that automation has to be the way forward. "It is important not just from safety and hygiene but compliance perspective as well," adds Sharma.

It was then Girnar Software started to test an IoT-based employee safety solution Zensafe which enables contactless entry to the office premises. It is one of the data-driven connected solutions firm Zenatix (part of Hero Electronix) has launched to enable firms to get back to business in a COVID world.

Today, right before the employee enters the office premises, the firm needs to ensure an employee's body temperature is normal. They should be wearing a mask and also get their attendance marked using an alternative to the 'touch-based' biometric system.

To meet all these new requirements, Zenatix has combined all these solutions in one access control device that it calls Zensafe. It uses infrared thermal imaging to record body temperature without any human intervention.  The camera with facial recognition technology can check for mask compliance.

In addition, says Amarjeet Singh, Co-Founder & CTO of Zenatix, the system can be integrated with the firm's HR management system and can be used to track attendance and visitor management portal. "The device has open APIs so it can be connected with the firm's HR solution that can log in employees' attendance and upload it on the firm's server." The APIs can also be integrated with additional workflows if required. For instance, if the firm has a high inflow of visitors, its visitor management system can be integrated with ZenSafe whereby once a visitor is logged in by an employee, he or she will automatically get the access using her picture added into the system.

Singh says this connected feature is also the product's unique characteristic. "Most of the products in the market are connected to the software on a local computer but not to the cloud. With ZenSafe, one can remotely view access records of the employees' attendance and daily temperature."

In case, the person is not logged in the system or is not wearing the mask, the system will play a real-time voice alert to prompt both the person and the nearby guard and entry will be denied, ensuring the safety of others. Further, the system sends daily reports to all the concerned people in the office.

But, does facial recognition work with the mask on?

Singh says ZenSafe uses contours of cheekbones and eyes to recognise the person. "While the accuracy with mask on is more than 80%, nearly 100% accuracy is guaranteed if the person temporarily removes mask to get their attendance done."

Sharma of Girnar Software says he tried 4-5 different looks (with different types of beard, with and without spectacles) and the machine recognised him all the time. After the pilot of a month and a half, they are installing the device in other office locations as well.

The device is already installed in offices of Hero Group, NTPC's Power Management Institute Noida and in the coworking space Smartworks.

Moving on, Singh says, they are looking at integrating Zensafe with the top HRMS solution firms in the country. They have already partnered with enterprise HR software solution firm Darwinbox.  

Along with ZenSafe, Zenatix also has launched two more IoT solutions - Zen Monitor- a biceps band for riders and warehouse staff for remote temperature monitoring in real-time and an office aircondit

Published on: Jul 21, 2020, 3:44 AM IST
Posted by: Vivek Punj, Jul 21, 2020, 3:44 AM IST