Netflix has finally added a much-awaited feature that makes it better

Netflix has finally added a much-awaited feature that makes it better

The new feature gets the clutter out of the way, which is great.

Netflix just made the UX better Netflix just made the UX better

While wasting time on OTT platforms and when we are looking for something new to watch, it does happen that we start a show and then abandon it midway because we did not like it. What most of these OTT platforms do is that they keep whatever you were watching in the “Continue Watching” queue so that you can return to it easily.

Now, it might happen that you have no intentions of watching that show ever again and ideally just want to get it off your home screen, at least off from the shows you see at first glance.

Netflix’s new feature will finally let you do that. The streaming platform has now added an option to its TV interface that allows users to manually edit the “Continue Watching” queue.

So, if you watched Too Hot to Handle for 10 minutes and called it the worst mistake of your life, you don’t have to see it pop up again on the ‘Continue Watching’ list anymore. What this essentially does is that it allows you to clean up your landing page, giving you easier access to shows and movies you actually want to keep watching.

Of course, the titles you manually edit out from the Continue Watching queue will still continue to show up in other lists on the platform, but at least it is not going to be right up there.

Netflix has been testing this feature for a while now, first with a bunch of select users on Android about two years ago. Then the company gradually started rolling it out to more users and it has finally reached all devices.

To use this feature what you need to do is to click on the title that you want to remove first. That will open the feature up on its trailer and a set of options on the left including resume watching, episodes, etc.

You need to scroll down on this list till you reach the option of removing it from the Continue Watching queue. There is also an option to ‘undo’ it if you ever change your mind and want to go back to watching Too Hot to Handle. It’s ok, we don’t judge.

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Published on: Feb 04, 2022, 2:58 PM IST
Posted by: Jhinuk Sen, Feb 04, 2022, 2:50 PM IST