WWDC 2022: Apple’s new MacBooks are cheaper in the US, why is that?

WWDC 2022: Apple’s new MacBooks are cheaper in the US, why is that?

Apple has priced its new MacBook Air at a starting price of $1199 in the US.

(Photo: Apple) (Photo: Apple)

When it comes to events and announcements, Apple sticks to a schedule of three big events per year, one of which is the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), that kicked off on June 6. While the company saves WWDC for software announcements, they have also slipped in some big hardware announcements once in a while and they did so this year too.

Apple unveiled a new redesigned MacBook Air that is going to be powered by the new M2 chip along with a new version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro that’s also getting the new chip boost. And there’s another thing that happened, as per schedule too, following the announcements of the new laptops - the price comparison between how much it costs in the US versus how much Apple has priced the devices in India.

Apple’s new MacBook Air with the M2 chip is priced at $1199 in the US. If you do a direct conversion to INR (going at the rate of Rs 77.79 for a dollar), that converts to Rs 93266.49 exactly. Now, in India, Apple is selling the new MacBook Air for Rs 119,900, and Rs 109,900 for education. That’s a price difference of about Rs 26,634 approx between what you’d pay in India and what you’d pay in the US.

No surprises here, though, almost all devices across companies, not just Apple’s devices, are often cheaper in the US prompting most of us to ask relatives/friends settled or visiting foreign shores to pick one up on their way.

Apple’s prices are under scrutiny because the announcement is recent, and that is understandable. Notably, Apple’s devices are always priced differently between the US and India and a straight-up dollar to INR conversion doesn’t fit. Apple determines its India price tags based on import duties, taxes, etc, all of which are significant amounts for most devices that need to be shipped in. Even if the device is assembled in India, the company has to factor in the costs for that.

Apple currently only manufactures some of its iPhones in India, all the rest of its devices are shipped in from other countries. So yes, in case you were wondering why it looks like Apple is factoring Rs 100 to a dollar instead of the current going rate, that’s not the case. And the new MacBook Air and the M2-powered MacBook Pro are both cheaper in the US, so you know what to do.

In India, the MacBook Air with M2 is priced at Rs 119,900 and Rs 109,900 for education. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 is priced at Rs 129,900 and Rs 119,900 for education.

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