5 apps which can manage your daily routine

5 apps which can manage your daily routine

With smartphones becoming irreplaceable in our lives, it's not all bad. There are some apps that can actually help you keep your routine in order.

The apps listed below are available both on the Play Store as well as the App Store and are available for free downloads. The apps listed below are available both on the Play Store as well as the App Store and are available for free downloads.

We are addicted to the screens in our lives, one way or another. But it doesn't all have to be bad. Thankfully for us smartphone users, there is a whole list of apps that can help us keep our lives in order. Most of these apps are the ones connected to health, wellbeing, and fitness - the three aspects we most often ignore. 

The apps listed below are available both on the Play Store as well as the App Store and are available for free downloads. 

You need to pay to unlock and access additional features like guided workouts, deeper analysis, etc. However, even without paying for it, you will still be able to use them just fine. 

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Keeping a sharp focus on overall wellness, here are five apps that you need on your smartphone:-

1. Headspace

Headspace is an app that focuses on meditation and mindfulness. It gives you a workout for your brain, guided by former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, and takes only 10 minutes of your day. This app has users and fans like Emma Watson and Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski, so you might want to join the lot. Users have also reported benefits like better attention span, instant calm, and improved alertness. 

2. Clue 

Clue helps you track your cycle and periods and also helps you keep a track of how it is affecting you. Much like other period tracking apps, Clue prompts you to choose symptoms that are bothering you through your cycle, like cramps, headaches, mood swings, etc. It also includes lifestyle factors like alcohol, sex, and sleep - something many other apps/smart trackers skip. Clue helps create a better overall understanding of how your body is reacting to all the factors in your life mentally and physically, so you can choose what needs to be fixed/tackled/improved. 

3. Streaks

If you are someone who picks up new hobbies every other week and drops them just as frequently - Streaks is the app for you. This app essentially helps you maintain a daily to-do list of your (good) habits, and holds you accountable for all your goals. You can track up to 12 tasks you might want to track every day and complete them, thereby creating a streak. The main idea here is to not drop the ball when it comes to completing these tasks regularly. 

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4. Mimi Hearing Test 

This is an app Apple's health section guided us to, but it is available on the Play Store as well. It is not surprising that we always neglect how loud our environments tend to get and how it affects our hearing over time. Some headphones and earphones do come with volume warnings that tell you that things are too loud, as do certain smartwatches. Our hearing deteriorates over time naturally, but factors like listening to music in very loud volumes or habitually being in loud areas can accelerate the process. Mimi has simple hearing tests that take just a few minutes and it can help you understand how well you hear and whether those levels are normal for your age. 
Given the amount of time we spend with headphones and earphones on, this is an app worth downloading. 

5. Nike Training Club

If you want quick, effective workouts without having to depend on a trainer - the Nike Traning Club is the best app for you. The app has a whole bunch of workouts available for free along with videos. Spanning from 10-minute warmups to even hour-long sessions, you can choose from freehand workouts, ones that require minimum equipment, and even those that are wholly equipment dependent. You can also choose the intensity of these workouts depending on what fitness levels you are at. We used this app through the lockdown in 2020, and we can definitely vouch for it. 

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Published on: Apr 23, 2022, 11:19 AM IST
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