Lenovo Smart Clock review: Not a full-fledged smart display, but affordable at Rs 5,999

As the name suggests, Lenovo Smart Clock is a voice-enabled smart clock that can respond to your queries, play music and control connected appliances, but don't expect it to be a full-fledged smart display

Lenovo Smart Clock Lenovo Smart Clock

Designed with the idea to reduce smartphone usage at night, Lenovo's Smart Clock can be a nice addition to the nightstand. This rectangular wedged-shaped Smart Clock doesn't occupy much space. It houses a four-inch screen that shows time and other necessary information when asked for. Covered in grey fabric, it houses a volume 'plus' and 'minus' key at the top, microphone mute button along with power port and a USB 2.0 charger point for charging phones. The device has a compact and smart display at an affordable price compared to the ones in the market.

Lenovo Smart Clock comes with Google Assistant built-in. Just like any other Nest smart speaker, I had to use the Google Home app to set up this smart clock. Just by following the instructions, which included connecting to Wi-Fi network and providing voice match (if using for the first time), and software update, it was configured in about five minutes. The screen of the Smart Clock kept on displaying the necessary information while setting up the device.

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The Smart Clock is quick to respond to almost any query - be it the weather update, latest news, fetching calendar appointments, playing music and more. Other than voice commands, I was also able to use the touchscreen for setting alarms, playing music or accessing basic settings. Swiping down from the top allows to set an alarm or play music. It also has a feature 'nap timer' a 20-minute timer for taking quick naps. Swiping up from the bottom displays options such as adjust the screen brightness, volume controls as well as access settings. Swiping towards the right from the extreme left takes back to the homescreen displaying time, and swiping towards the left also opens a quick window for setting up an alarm or the current weather status.

For playing music, the Smart Clock suggested me to sign up for YouTube Music app. I could link it with Spotify and Gaana apps also. For the compact size, I found the sound output rather impressive. It is not restricted to just displaying time. It can also be used to control compatible smart devices. When asked Google Assistant how to add new devices, it gave the directions using Google Home app.  I was able to set up Night routines that included playing music, dimming lights with just a voice command. Even the screen of this Smart Clock dims at sleep time, as per the schedule.  

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The Smart Clock's screen cannot be used for playing videos. When asked, it suggested playing videos on the connected smart TV instead. I couldn't find the settings for using this as a photo frame. As the name suggests, this is a voice-enabled smart clock that can respond to your queries, play music and control connected appliances, but don't expect it to be a full-fledged smart display.