Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450x Gen3: Which scooter to buy?

Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450x Gen3: Which scooter to buy?

Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450x Gen3: EV offerings from Ather and Ola are leading the market right now. But which one should you opt for? Here is the lowdown on everything EV.

Should you go for Ather or Ola? Here's all you need to know Should you go for Ather or Ola? Here's all you need to know

India is gearing up to enter the electric revolution in automobiles and when it comes to two-wheelers, there are two very strong contenders, each vying with the other in order to capture the lion's share of this emerging new market -- Ather and Ola. 

So, let's address the big elephant in the room: if you are planning to go the EV way, what scooter should you pick? Should you go for the splashy and futuristic Ola S1 Pro, or would you rather prefer to opt for the brand new Ather 450X Gen3, which, truth be told, looks and feels more like any other old-school internal combustion scooter?

Difficult choice, right? Don't worry, Tech Today has it sorted for you!


When it comes to EVs, the biggest concern is range. Within this parameter, Ather claims that its scooter offers a true range of 105 kms and above on ride mode per charge, while, on the other hand, Ola claims that the S1 Pro has the range of 135 km in the normal mode.

Well, it is clear who won here!

Battery charging time

Next issue you ought to consider is the battery charging time. For Ather 450X, it takes roughly around 5 and half hours to get completely charged as per our experience. 

The Ola scooter roughly takes 1.5 hours more and takes 7 hours to charge completely from zero charge. 


Let us now talk about navigation. Can't really pull your phones out while cruising through the city, can you? Both the scooters come with a built-in GPS . The Ather scooter is powered by Google Maps while Ola is powered by MapMyIndia.

We tend to prefer Google Maps over MapMyIndia because they are more intuitive and have better prompts, and the coverage that Google offers is phenomenal. 

Other features

Both the scooters have digital odometers, touch screen display, a reverse mode, mobile connectivity and other similar features.

But Ola offers USB charging and speakers or voice prompts and music with its S1 Pro model.

The Ola S1 Pro also has some futuristic features like an entertainment hub on the display screen, cruise control, key-less driving with the help of a password, and also offers a better driving experience on inclined planes. The suspension on the scooter makes the drive really smooth.

Charging station network

While Ather has 400 charging stations across the country, Ola’s charging station network is still a work in progress.


All in all, if you want to switch to EVs from an internal combustion scooter, Ather 450x Gen3 might be the right way to go. The ride experience is similar to an ICE scooter, thereby making it easy for existing riders to switch to EVs.  On the other hand, Ola S1 Pro offers a futuristic ride with advance features, like keyless password driving, cruise control, and others, that are completely digitally enabled. The completely digital ride experience has its own cons because it has a bunch of bugs that might ruin your riding experience.

So, hop on the EV bandwagon, and ride away!

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Published on: Nov 15, 2022, 3:43 PM IST
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