Apple accused of deliberately slowing down iPhones with new iOS updates

Apple accused of deliberately slowing down iPhones with new iOS updates

Apple faces a potential lawsuit from the Spanish consumer rights agency after reports of its iPhones slowing down emerged lately. The reports indicate that the recent iOS updates led to the drop in performance and battery capacity of several iPhone models.

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Story highlights
  • New reports mention several complaints against a performance drop being experienced in iPhones.
  • iPhone users are also complaining of a battery drain issue after the recent iOS updates.
  • Spain Consumer Protection Organization now wants Apple to compensate its consumers for the performance drop.

In yet another incident of its kind, Apple has allegedly slowed down some of its iPhone models through recent updates. The iPhone variants in question include some of the old iPhones as well as the most recent iPhone 12.

The accusations on the Cupertino tech major have been made by Spain Consumer Protection Organization (OCU). As reported by Spanish publication iPhoneros, OCU has sent a letter to Apple specifying the allegations.

In the letter, OCU names iOS 14.5, 14.5.1, and 14.6 updates as the reason for the issue. As per the consumer rights agency, the new iOS updates have damaged several iPhones, causing a dramatic loss in processing speed. The updates have also made the devices lose their battery faster than before.

Though no specific user complaints have been mentioned in the letter, it does list the affected devices. The affected iPhones include old models like iPhone 8 and iPhone XS. Though even the latest flagship - iPhone 12 has been found to experience the issue, as is the case with iPhone 11.

In the letter, OCU accuses Apple of deliberately slowing down the iPhones through its updates. It seeks to establish a dialogue with the company on the issue and goes on to ask for compensation to its affected consumers.

In case a mutual agreement cannot be reached, Apple might be facing a lawsuit by OCU. OCU has threatened of the same in its letter, deeming it a necessary move "to enforce consumer right."

The incident came to light after several Spanish media houses reported of the issue. A particularly notorious one was that of a massive battery drain experienced with the iOS 14.6 update. Users complained of their batteries being completely drained overnight after upgrading to the new OS.

If the allegations turn out to be true, it would not be the first time that Apple would be caught degrading its older iPhone models. The company first confessed to conducting the practice in 2017, citing battery optimisations on older models as the reason for it. It was fined 25 million Euros for deliberately slowing down older iPhone models at the time. If the recent accusations fall under the same pretext, Apple might be looking at another huge fine in its European markets.

Published on: Jul 20, 2021, 3:33 PM IST
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