Apple MacBook Pro with M1X may feature 1080p FaceTime camera, 16GB of base RAM

Apple MacBook Pro with M1X may feature 1080p FaceTime camera, 16GB of base RAM

Apple has announced an event later this month and it is expected to launch the new MacBook Pro.

Story highlights
  • A new report says MacBook Pro may come with a 1080p webcam.
  • The 2021 MacBook Pro may also have at least 16GB of RAM.
  • Apple is likely to launch the new MacBook Pro at the October 18 event.

Apple just announced it is holding its next event on October 18 and it is highly likely that it is going to be about the new MacBook Pro. With the announcement, the rumours around the MacBook Pro gained momentum, and we are now learning more about the upcoming Apple high-end laptop. A new tip suggests that the 2021 MacBook Pro will feature a 1080p webcam, which means the best video calling experience on a Mac device. It also hints that the standard model of MacBook Pro will have 16GB of RAM, which means better performance.

Tipster Dylan, who goes by @dylandkt on Twitter, said that both the 14-inch and 16-inch models of the 2021 MacBook Pro will have 1080p FaceTime cameras. That is a significant upgrade if true, because Apple's laptops have often been criticised for their mediocre cameras. There is a MacBook with a 480p camera, which is not acceptable by today's standards. Some recent MacBook models have better-resolution FaceTime cameras, but even they leave some room for improvement. The 2021 MacBook Pro may finally address that issue.

Since the 2021 iMac with M1 processor that Apple launched earlier this year comes with a good 1080p FaceTime camera, it has become even more likely that Apple's next high-end laptop may end up getting it for good.

Another important thing is the RAM, which the tipster said is going to begin at 16GB on the MacBook Pro coming later this month. Along with that, there is going to be at least 512GB of storage on the laptop. And this is going to be applicable to both the 14-inch and 16-inch models, which makes it similar to the 16-inch Intel-based MacBook Pro. More RAM would mean better performance, something MacBook Pros are known for. And with Apple's new Silicon processor, things are going to improve.

Apple is widely rumoured to introduce the next generation of its M1 processor with the MacBook Pro this year. Dubbed M1X (or even M2), the new Arm-based processor by Apple is expected to bring better performance, strictly needed if the company is looking at replacing Intel chipsets and making a name for itself in the chip business in the long run. Rumours have suggested the 2021 MacBook Pro will have the M1X processor on both its models, but there will be some differences to make the 16-inch model the mightier one. This M1X variant on the 16-inch model could have a 16-core GPU, which means there will be faster graphics. This also means that the 2021 MacBook Pro may be costlier than the previous generation, but that is anyone's guess right now.

Other changes that are a part of the overhaul of the MacBook Pro include a new chassis with new colours. The display may get bigger as Apple may have decided to remove the "MacBook Pro" moniker from the bottom bezel. The Apple MacBook Pro M1X may use a MiniLED display, which recently debuted on the iPad Pro and is believed to be the next big thing in Apple's products that cannot use an OLED panel. The 2021 MacBook Pro will also feature more ports, including the HDMI port and even an SD card reader.

Apple is likely to launch the MacBook Pro M1X at the October 18 event and that is when we will finally know what is in store for us.