Apple Watch may get blood glucose, temperature monitoring, but not this year

Apple might also launch an extreme sports-focused Apple Watch variant in the coming years.

Story highlights
  • Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to debut later this year.
  • A new report suggests that it will not feature the anticipated blood glucose monitoring feature.
  • It states that Apple will roll out such major upgrades to Apple Watch in the coming years.

The next iteration of the Apple Watch has long been anticipated by fans, thanks to several rumours hinting at its new-age features. The most hyped one is the blood glucose monitoring that the smartwatch is expected to have soon. Not this year though, new industry sources have now revealed.

With this year's Apple Watch variant, Apple will reportedly stick to design and connectivity improvements. A new Bloomberg report mentions them to be a new screen as well as updated ultra-wideband support.

Likely to be called the Apple Watch Series 7, the 2021 model is speculated to feature a new screen on top with thinner bezels. The display will be relatively flat, retaining the overall screen area of the currently available Apple Watch. This might also be achieved by a new lamination technique that reduces the distance between the display and the front cover.

As for connectivity, the new Apple Watch is speculated to come with improved ultra-wideband support. You can read about all that is expected from the Apple Watch Series 7 here.

Serious upgrades in line

The report affirms that Apple is working on some major improvements for the Apple Watch, though these will be rolled out in future models. As hinted previously, these will include blood glucose monitoring as well as a temperature sensor. Apple is also looking to introduce new variants for the Apple Watch.

Blood glucose monitoring capability has long been speculated for Apple Watch. The feature will allow diabetics to check blood sugar levels without the need to prick a finger and draw blood. Similarly, a temperature sensor could also enable users to record accurate body temperature through future Apple Watch models.

The report, as cited by The Verge, speculates that the temperature sensor could appear in the 2022 model of the smartwatch. Blood glucose monitoring, however, is several years away for now.

Apple is reported to be also working on a rugged version of the Apple Watch curated for extreme sports and adventures. This model is internally being referred to as "explorer" or "adventure" edition. It will possibly mark its debut in 2022.

It should be noted that these are mere speculations based on industry sources, and it is possible that Apple acts differently on the future of the Apple Watch.