iPhone 12 price officially slashed by over Rs 14000, is now a great value

iPhone 12 price officially slashed by over Rs 14000, is now a great value

Apple has dropped the official prices of the iPhone 12 now that it has got older after the iPhone 13 launch.

iPhone 12 in (PRODUCT) RED colour. iPhone 12 in (PRODUCT) RED colour.
Story highlights
  • Apple has announced official price cuts for the iPhone 12 series.
  • The iPhone 12 mini now starts at Rs 10,000 less with Rs 59,900 price tag.
  • The iPhone 12 now starts at Rs 65,900 after a big Rs 14,000 price cut.

iPhone 13 is finally here after months of leaks and rumours. Apple launched all the iPhone 13 series models at the same cost as last year's models, which is great for people who were awaiting the new iPhones. But for those who were awaiting price cuts on older iPhones, here is your good news. The iPhone 12 is now available for Rs 14,000 less after the official price cut, while the iPhone 12 mini is down by Rs 10,000, thanks to the new iPhone launch.

The Apple Store went down a few hours prior to the launch yesterday. That was because of the changes Apple introduced to the store regarding the new iPhone launches. That downtime is also for updating the new iPhone prices. The entire range of iPhones from last year and before has undergone official price cuts. These price cuts are valid for the Apple Store before any offers that you may get. Also, now that Apple has cut the prices officially, third-party resellers will put the old iPhones on sale for much less.

Take a look at the new prices of the iPhone 12:

  • iPhone 12 mini 64GB - Rs 59,900
  • iPhone 12 mini 128GB - Rs 64,900
  • iPhone 12 mini 256GB - Rs 74,900
  • iPhone 12 64GB - Rs 65,900
  • iPhone 12 128GB - Rs 70,900
  • iPhone 12 256GB - Rs 80,900

If you throw in the Trade-In option, you can get the iPhone 12 mini for as low as Rs 45,900 and the iPhone 12 for Rs 55,900 after a Rs 10,000 discount. Besides, the new prices are applicable to the Purple colour option of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. Ever since its release, Apple has been selling it at the original price, just like other models. But it was also available for the same price on Flipkart and Amazon, while other colour options were selling for much less. So, it is good news for people who wanted this colourway at a lower price.

The biggest price cut is on the iPhone 12, which is Rs 14,000, on each model. And after this price cut, the iPhone 12 is now an even better deal for most people. Even though the iPhone 13 brings the latest and greatest hardware and software features to Apple's line-up, the iPhone 12 is still a solid phone even after one year. The hardware of the iPhone 12 can easily outmatch that of an Android phone that was launched recently. And the biggest benefit is that your iPhone 12 will keep getting new software updates for at least five years, so each year, with the release of the new iOS version, your iPhone will become new.

Apple has reduced the prices of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR, as well. The iPhone SE 2020 is also cheaper now after the discount.