No blood splatter and mention of kills in Battlegrounds Mobile, how else PUBG Mobile India is different

Krafton has tried to keep things a bit different between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile.

Story highlights
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India is nothing but repackaged PUBG Mobile.
  • Except for a few things, there is nothing different between the two games.
  • The changes are more like an attempt to disassociate violence with the game.

PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile? That is the dilemma people have been in since yesterday when Krafton launched a new, censored version of its hit game, PUBG Mobile. Called Battlegrounds Mobile India, the game is meant for players residing in India. Krafton's new game is not actually new. It is a repackaged PUBG Mobile game that has one too many changes yet looks and feels all the same. The name, of course, is different here, along with some elements that look like Krafton's way of dumbing down violence.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is essentially PUBG Mobile, and there is no denying the fact, even though Krafton does not want you to compare the two games. The reason behind Krafton's reluctance is the aftertaste of last year's ban that still lingers. Yes, there are differences in the game, but they do not impact your gameplay at all, because the strategy and other mechanics of the game are exactly the same as that of PUBG Mobile. Let us talk about what has changed for Battlegrounds Mobile India players.

Green-hit effect

When you kill an enemy, you will not see blood splatter. With Battlegrounds Mobile, Krafton has replaced the red liquid with a green feather (or leaf) effect. There is now green smoke that represents the disappearance of a player after getting killed.

Finish instead of kill

When you kill an enemy, you do not actually kill them. According to Battlegrounds Mobile, you finish your enemy in the game. The euphemism here is another way Krafton is trying to suppress the conspicuous representation of violence in the game.

Clothed avatars

When you log into the game or begin the match, you see a fully clothed avatar. And that clothing is what you get as a reward for pre-registration. You may still see other players in underpants, but that has to do with the unavailability of the outfit in the game.

Regular reminders

Battlegrounds Mobile India will keep reminding you that it is a game and not real, so you need to take things lightly. Another reminder is that if you are under 18, you will not be able to play the game for more than three hours a day. The game asks you if you are over 18, but does not have a mechanism to cross-check that.

Apart from these things, Battlegrounds Mobile India is similar to PUBG Mobile, including the maps, weapons, and gameplay. You can read our hands-on review of the game here.