World's costliest number plate goes up for sale for Rs 132 crore

World's costliest number plate goes up for sale for Rs 132 crore

The 'D5' is the most expensive number plate sold till now - for Rs 67 crore.

PC: Kahn Design PC: Kahn Design

What's the most you are willing to spend on a number plate? A couple of thousand, perhaps? Maybe even some lakh? But imagine a number plate that's worth in crore - not only a crore or two but a whopping Rs 132 crore! The most sought-after number plate, 'F1' is now on sale for Rs 132 crore in the UK.

What's so special about the number plate, you ask? Apart from the fact that F1 signifies Formula 1, nothing much.

The ad has been posted by Britain-based Afzal Kahn, owner of Kahn Design. The number plate is currently fixed on his Bugatti Veyron. Kahn himself got the number plate earlier this year for Rs 10.52 crore.

According to the advertisement, the price of the plate is only Rs 110 crore. It however is priced at Rs 132 crore after an addition of 20% VAT and transfer fee.

In UK, citizens own their number plates and hence can sell or auction them. Apart from Khan's many other number plates are also on sale on Regtransfers, UK's leading supplier of official number plates. The website's clientele include celebrities like David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.

The current record of the most expensive number plate sold was the 'D5' plate that was sold to an Indian - Balwinder Sahani for Rs 67 crore. Another plate with '1' was sold for Rs 66 crore in 2008.

Although one can't buy a customised number plate in India, one can purchase a special one. For a four-wheeler, such number plates go upto a lakh.