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Aprajita Sharma

As a former French instructor, Aprajita Sharma would blog on macro economy more than prepare lesson plans. She found her calling in Business Journalism. Now, as a Senior Sub Editor with BT, covering financial markets gets her adrenaline rushing.

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If you have to take a crack at intraday and F&Os, then start small. Focus on a maximum of one to two stocks during a session in the beginning, but stay away from penny stocks while looking for deals and low prices

"The job of the quant fund manager is to assess whether the pattern observed in past data is persistent i.e it will repeat in the future and thus can be profited from or just a data artifact which has to be ignored," says Gaurav Rastogi, CEO, Kuvera
Stamp duty is a tax collected by state governments. It will be applicable whenever you purchase fresh MF units, be it via lumpsum or the SIP route. It will not be applicable on redeeming MF units. Hence, it is a tax on the buyer, not the seller
Swati Kulkarni, EVP & Fund Manager - Equity at UTI Mutual Fund says economic recovery may be patchy going forward, the good businesses will recover to generate economic value for long-term investors
The company's US-based parent 3M owns 75 per cent stakes in the company, hence a low float of only 25 per cent is available for investors in India
Pay-as-you-drive policy is a combination of comprehensive own damage (OD) and third party (TP) cover, in which the mandatory TP coverage will be standard as per the insurer, while discounted OD cover will be offered in three slabs of kilometres
In a weak demand and oversupply scenario, the prices have indeed come down, especially in metro cities; but waiting for further decline might prove counterproductive

A Californian Hippie

Aprajita Sharma
New Delhi , Edition:  July 12, 2020
Gupta takes pride in calling himself and other Ultimate lovers the Californian hippies. What he loves the most is the 'spirit of the game'
The higher the value above the long-term average, the more overpriced the index becomes

Bond Fund With a Difference

Aprajita Sharma
New Delhi , Edition:  July 12, 2020

Bharat Bond ETFs are an opportunity to invest in AAA-rated PSUs at low cost with predictable returns and equities-like liquidity

BT Insight: Why you must care about credit score?

Aprajita Sharma
New Delhi , June 20, 2020
Burden of paying EMIs when you have suffered a job loss or a salary cut is too heavy to shoulder, in most cases putting you into a debt spiral. If it has happened with you, troubles may hit the roof if you are not careful about your credit score

Six term insurance myths debunked for you

Aprajita Sharma
New Delhi , June 17, 2020
We often hear people say life insurance is a must for every earning person. However, no one rule applies to all. It is not uncommon for a working married couple to not have kids or their parents having their own pensions

How to spend less on mutual funds? Buy a direct plan

Aprajita Sharma
New Delhi , June 15, 2020
There are two options to buy an MF scheme having the same portfolio and fund manager - direct mutual fund and regular mutual fund. If you are sure in which MF scheme you have to invest, you should directly buy it from the Asset Management Companies (AMCs)

Auto sweep FDs - Best place to park your emergency fund

Aprajita Sharma
New Delhi , June 12, 2020
Most commercial banks offer auto-sweep facilities on the SB account in which an auto sweep FD gets linked to your SB account and whatever excess amount you have in the account gets transferred automatically through a sweep out process to book an FD
Capital guarantee solution plans are basically ULIPs, a combination of investment and insurance. For a 10-year policy, you pay premium for five years
PM Vaya Vandana Yojana pension scheme is offered by Life Insurance Corporation and comes with a lock-in period of 10 years. It gives you an assured annual return of 7.66 per cent per annum
Coronavirus crisis: As many as 90 per cent respondents are concerned about their savings and financial future, and nearly 72 per cent said they would opt for a personal loan in the immediate future to meet high-priority expenses

Why stock, bond markets shrugged off Moody's downgrade

Aprajita Sharma
New Delhi , June 2, 2020
Moody's has downgraded the country's credit rating to Baa3 from Baa, just above the junk grade, with a negative outlook. With this, its rating is now consistent with other ratings agencies such as Fitch and Standard and Poor's
With over 190,000 confirmed cases as on May 31, India has the world's 7th highest number of recorded coronavirus infections. However, more than 48 per cent infected people have recovered fully with death rate of less than 3 per cent among confirmed COVID-19 cases
In the post-corona world, people may save more and cut back on spending due to economic recession and fear that a second wave of virus may erupt resulting in more lockdowns
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