Revolt RV 400, RV 300 electric bikes launched in India: Check price, special payment plan

Revolt RV 400, RV 300 electric bikes launched in India: Check price, special payment plan

The Revolt RV 400 and Revolt RV 300 have been introduced with a special payment plan which allows for buyers to purchase them for a certain montly payment for 37 months

Revolt RV 400 has been launched in India. Revolt RV 400 has been launched in India.

Revolt RV 400 has been launched in India on Wednesday. This is the first-ever all-electric, AI-enabled motorcycle in India. A lower-specced version of the RV 400 named the RV 300 was also launched. These will be sold under a special payment plan where buyers can pay a monthly amount for the electric motorcycle, instead of paying at once or in EMIs.

The Revolt RV 400 features three riding modes - Eco, City and Sport - which affect the range of the motorcycle differently. The RV 400 claims an ARAI-certified range of 156km on a single charge in Eco mode. In City mode, the range is expected to be in the range of 80-90 km. In the more taxing Sports mode, the range will depend on the nature of ride and terrain. The RV 400 comes with a 3,000W motor than can churn out top speed of 85km/h at 170Nm torque.

For charging, the Revolt comes with an on-board charger that can be used with any 15A power socket to recharge the motorcycle in less than 4 hours. The RV 400 features a removable battery pack and comes with a portable charger to conveniently recharge the motorcycle.

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The Revolt RV 300 will come with a 1,500W motor, powered by a 2.7KW battery. It can do top speed of 65km/h and a range of 80-150 km.

For its underpinnings, the Revolt RV 400 features a lightweight single cradle frame with bolt-on sub-frame, USD forks, aluminium swing arm and adjustable rear monoshock. Revolt Intellicorp, the company behind the RV 400, claims that the motorcycle has been designed ergonomically to suit the riding style of 95 per cent Indians. The Revolt RV 400 comes with adjustable foot pegs which allow modifying the riding position.

Interestingly, the Revolt RV 400 comes with IP67 certified water proofing that is likely to ensure safe rides even in wet conditions. The company claims that the RV 400 has better water waddling capabilities than any other motorcycle.

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The Revolt RV 400 comes with an optional connected helmet fitted with speakers and a microphone. The headgear can be used to start the motorcycle via voice commands. The system is powered by Google. The Revolt RV 400 also features a car-like fob key with options to lock, unlock, start and locate the bike. The fully-digital instrument cluster provides real-time information about the motorcycle's status.

Revolt Intellicorp is offering a special payment plan called My Revolt Plan for its latest offerings. Under the scheme, buyers can own a RV 400 or RV 300 by paying a certain amount for 37 months. The base variant of Revolt RV 400 will begin at Rs 3,499 per month, whereas its premium model will cost Rs 3,999 per month. The Revolt RV 300 can be owned for Rs 2,999 per month.