10 clever ways to save your hard-earned money

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10 clever ways to save your heard-earned money

We all want to save money but the hardest part is to stop ourselves from spending recklessly. However, with a little more control and a better planning we can accomplish the otherwise, daunting task.

Whether it's denying yourself an expensive cup of coffee or splurging on clothes at the mall; here are 10 hacks that can save you money and let you enjoy the luxuries of life as well.


Avoid eating outside

Restaurant and Cafe meals come with added taxes and service charges that makes the food more expensive. Instead, buy the ingredients, google the recipe and voila! Your favourite meal is ready. In fact, to beat those cravings, you can cook the dish multiple times at home.


Avoid the mall, shop online

If you feel the need to restack your wardrobe, forget about hitting the mall. Try shopping from the plethora of retail markets online that are sure to offer great discounts, especially during festive seasons.

Delete your credit/debit card details from websites

People who shop regularly online save their card details, making it more convenient to buy with just a click of a button away. Not having your details saved will curb the urge to splurge.

Purchase used cars

Purchasing your first new car does feel good but it comes with a hefty price tag. Instead, invest in a second-hand car. Some of these models aren't as old as you think but cost almost half of the price of brand new car.


Carpool to work or use public transport

Another hack to beating the commuting hurdle is to simple carpool with a friend, colleague or a relative. If your city has a good public transport network, all the more better as it is cheaper, safe and saves time.


Use prepaid network

Post-paid network comes with the convenience of tariff plans but work out to be more expensive when you get your bills at the end of the month. Switching to a pre-paid plan helps you stay in your limit and works out cheaper.

Opt for cash-back credit cards

Some credit cards offer 5-10 per cent cash backs when you book movie tickets and pay bills. Once accumulated it can be useful as it adds to your savings.

Find a roommate

If you're living by yourself, consider finding a roommate as you will end up halving all your expenses plus you'll have company too.


Present handmade gifts

Do away with expensive clothes, perfumes or flowers for various occassions. There are many online stores and shops that sell handmade gifts that come at much lower prices.

Learn to repair vs replacing

With DIY videos on YouTube you can almost fix, repair and recycle anything from a broken pipe to an old furniture. So next time, you plan to throw away something old or broken, do a little research on the internet.

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