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5 new WhatsApp features that may be rolled out soon!

WhatsApp is soon going to launch the WhatsApp Dark mode, Group call and few other interesting features

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5 new WhatsApp features that may be rolled out soon!

WhatsApp keeps introducing new features every now and then. It can be difficult to keep up with all the changes or know what's useful and what's not. WhatsApp continues to evolve in order to cater to the changing demands and the needs of its users. It is now rolling out new tools and changes almost every few weeks. WhatsApp wants to be the WeChat of India and become a one-stop solution for everything. In order to make WhatsApp more user friendly, the Facebook owned company will soon launch a barrage of new features. None of these are official yet, but in the coming weeks you could see some of these being rolled out.

WhatsApp 'Dark Mode': Using WhatsApp at night will get easier on the eyes if the messaging platform implements the 'Dark mode'. The rumours for such a mode have been doing rounds for a long time but the news has now been confirmed by WABetaInfo that the feature is under-development and can come soon to all WhatsApp users.

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Playing consecutive voice messages: This new feature will allow the user to automatically play voice messages if they are sent in a sequence. After the end of the first voice message, WhatsApp will notify the user with a sound. Immediately after the sound it will play the next voice message. In between, the user doesn't have to take any action. WhatsApp will also play a short audio at the end of the voice message if there are no other voice messages to play. The feature has already been spotted in the iOS v2.18.100 build. allows (users) to continuously play consecutive voice messages.

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Group call: WhatsApp is adding a new 'Group Call' button within the group chats. This new feature will allow you to immediately start chatting with up to three members of the group. Previously, you had to first start a normal call with one of the friends and only after the response of the recipient you could add other people to the call. The new feature will let you directly start a group call, either voice or video.

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Video preview in the notification bar: WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that will allow you to view videos directly in the push notification. WhatsApp hasn't confirmed when this feature will be released for all and in what form it will be made available. It is currently under development and the company could still make changes and allow users to have complete control over their privacy. Earlier, WhatsApp had introduced similar preview functionality that allowed users to preview both images and GIFs.

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WhatsApp ranking of contacts: WhatsApp is trying to get smarter and the newest feature that will help the Facebook owned company to get there is the ranking feature. The feature is available only for the beta users of iOS and it will rank the contacts based on the frequency of the interaction you've had with the person.

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