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Cow urine aka gau mutra bottles on the shelf! Here are your best options

The days when gau mutra lobbyists used to be the nutty ones in the group are long gone.

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Cow urine aka gau mutra bottles on the shelf! Here are your best options
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Suddenly, one fine day after the current government came to power, Indians rose to the importance of gau mutra or cow urine. Although in the beginning, the benefits of gau mutra as professed by hardcore right-wingers were met by abject mockery, people slowly began to warm up to the idea. And can companies ever leave an idea that has been warmed up alone? So soon after, the days when gau mutra lobbyists used to be the nutty ones in the group were long gone. 

Now is the time for shopkeepers to line up and exhibit gau mutra along with medicinal drinks (because that's what it is now) and juices, and keep them one shelf removed from boxes of Ferrero Rocher and Lotte Choco Pie.

The company that is offering the above mentioned 'herbal' gau mutra (what is the synthetic one, you ask?) is Ludhiana-based International Marketing Corporation Pvt Ltd or IMC. Brought to life by Chairman Dr. Ashok Bhatia and his son Satyan Bhatia who is the Managing Director, IMC deals with herbal products. The company also partners up with small businesses and extends to them the market they themselves command.

A 500ml bottle of Herbal Gomutra, the product that now graces the shelves of many shops, is offered by IMC for Rs 375. Their product description, as mentioned on the website is a lengthy one. It bats for both the sides - the traditionalists and the science buffs.

"Cow urine tastes nutty, helpful in balancing Vata, Pita, Kafa in body. Cow's urine is not only a general medicine it is a natural panacea for all diseases. It is natural anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and it is called Sanjeevani," it says to the laymen.

"Cow's urine is enriched with iron, copper, nitrogen, sulfur, maganese, carbolic acid, magnesium, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, such as A, B, C, D, E, uric acid, hormone, gold arid etc. It removes toxic substances from the body through urine. Boosts immunity and acts as disinfectant. Regular consumption of Cow's urine completes the deficiency of micro elements. Spray Cow's urine to eliminate the effects of negative energy surrounding in your home. Cow urine is considered holy and has the power to eliminate all negative effects. If you suspect that someone has done sorcery empiricism then Gomutra is the best remedy for it. Spray Cow's urine upon your body. People who are suffering from cancer and AIDS are taking cow's urine therapy (sic)," reads the scientific view section.

Another ayurvedic product manufacturing unit, Goseva that is asking people to 'Serve cow to save yourself' is selling a 220g bottle of 'pure' gomutra for just Rs 20.  "Gomutra (Filtered Cow Urine) is used in Indian culture for purification of a body. People spread Gomutra in their offices, houses, on their body during auspicious occasions. Gomutra attracts divine consciousness which brings us under sattva guna thus it helps in spiritual healing. Mata yashoda poured Gomutra on Krishna to save him from all ill-will. It is a giver of mental and physical strength. It is used while performing sacrifices (Yagya) and used as pesticide in garden or farm. It is beneficial as a fertilizer also. Gomutra is good remedy for skin diseases therefore it is used while bath. The Indian Gir cow's urine has unique ability to kill negative energy and protects from all danger (sic)," the website says.

Spoilt for choice? There are more options. If you like your gau mutra, just like you like your wine, then you can go for CERO The Desi Cow Gomutra Aged for 24 Months. A 200ml of this fine drink cum spray that is easily available on Amazon India will cost you only Rs 189. Moreover, this urine has been extracted only from desi cows and not jersey ones, so you can chill.

But if you are looking for gau mutra ONLY for religious purposes then you must definitely buy VIRAL 100% Pure Gomutra Religious Purposes Only. Amazon India will dispatch a bottle to you just for Rs 275.

If you need a booster shot of good energy to disinfect your life then you can opt for the combo pack of Pure ganga jal and gao mutra sealed paked (sic). A 100ml bottle of pure Ganga jal and 80ml of gau mutra will cost you only Rs 200.

Options online and offline are abundant, take your pick. Maybe we could all buy some gau mutra and spray it collectively so that acche dins can come faster.

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