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Infrastructure Status Report: Highly ambitious!

Government plans to step up expenditure - totalling Rs 105 lakh crore - on infrastructure in the next five years

Indian Railways' finances have seen a massive downturn in recent years. Here's a status report
Sensex touched its all-time high in 2019, but still fell short of matching the returns it offered in 2014 by a great margin
Sensex will see changes this month with some old stocks making an exit and some new stocks entering the index
From losing the tag of fastest growing economy to China to hitting a six-and-a-half-year low in GDP growth, India's economic health continues to remain bleak
Among the most polluted cities of India on November 25, Delhi is not even on the list
As macroeconomic indicators continue to disappoint, employees in India are facing the headwinds of corporate cost optimisation

From Rs 7 per kg in January to Rs 100 per kg in November in Mumbai, spiralling onion prices have sent Indian consumers in a tizzy
If investments in fixed assets grow, then the firm is expanding. If they don't, then it indicates stagnation
While Cyrus Mistry is fighting for vindication, Tata Sons is looking to avoid unpleasant legal complications in this conflict
The rally in Sensex is mostly backed by large cap stocks, while mid and small cap stocks have floundered
Sensex has traded over the 40,000 mark the past few days bringing strong returns to investors. But, previous bull runs have given even better returns

Amid an economic slowdown, rising prices and reducing CNG rates, consumption of petrol and diesel has hit its lowest in two years