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'Both are nuclear powers': Imran Khan warns world of India-Pakistan tension

Kashmir issue: Imran Khan said that he will now act as Kashmir's ambassador. He also urged fellow Pakistanis to stand with Kashmiris.

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | August 26, 2019 | Updated 19:30 IST
'Both are nuclear powers': Imran Khan warns world of India-Pakistan tension
Kashmir issue: Imran Khan addressed Pakistan today

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation today and spoke about the Kashmir issue. He blamed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government for the escalation of tensions between the two countries. He concluded his speech by saying that if both the countries engage in a war now, there will be widespread devastation as both India and Pakistan are nuclear states. He also urged the international community to intervene in this matter.  

"If this issue worsens to a war situation, then one must remember that both the countries are nuclear states. And no one wins a nuclear war. It is not like destruction will take place here, the repercussions will be felt across the world. Superpowers of the world must also take responsibility of this. Whether the world supports us or not, Pakistan will go to any lengths now. We will be with them (Kashmiris) till the last breath," he said.

Imran Khan said that when he came to power he tried his best to have a fruitful conversation but there was always some problem from India's side. "First they had elections, so we waited for that to be over. We thought the situation would change after the elections. But then Pulwama happened; a Kashmiri man blew himself up. They pointed fingers at us instead of introspecting. After the elections, we realised they had a different agenda -- to blacklist Pakistan at FATF. On August 5 they sent additional military troops in Kashmir and announced that it is now part of India. This goes against the vision of their founding fathers as well as UN resolutions," he added.

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Imran Khan also blamed the RSS and said that they believe Hindus are supreme and everyone else is second-class citizen. He called them a terrorist organisation. "They were the ones who assassinated Gandhi for trying to promote Hindu-Muslim unity. After Nehru's death, the RSS ideology started gaining ground," he said.

The Pakistani Prime Minister said that nevertheless Pakistan had won at the diplomatic front and forced international leaders and media to take notice of the Kashmir issue. He urged his fellow Pakistanis to stand with Kashmiris. "I have said this that I will act as Kashmir's ambassador," he mentioned.

PM Khan also announced that every week a ceremony will be held to show solidarity to Kashmiri people. He said that on Friday the nation will come out between 12-12:30 pm to show its solidarity.

Imran Khan said that India has already played its trump card when it comes to Kashmir and they don't have any more moves now. "Now whatever needs to be done will be done by us and the world," he said.

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