Ola, Uber drivers to go on strike today: Here's all you need to know

Ola, Uber drivers to go on strike today: Here's all you need to know

Ola and Uber drivers to go on a strike today for the second time this year. The drivers assosiations are protesting against low wages fixed by their respective firms and lack of basic amenities.

Ola and Uber drivers to go on strike today for the secondtime this year. The drivers assosiations are protesting against low fares fixedby their respective firms and also for the lack of basic amenities.

Although the protest would be just for a day, but theshortage of cabs on weekdays is expected to impact daily commuters.

The kaali-peeli taxi drivers have also announced to join theday-long protest.

In February, drivers of both the companies went on a 13-daylong strike, which ended after a meeting of Ola, Uber drivers with the Delhigovernment and company managements.

After the strike in February, the assosiations were promisedaction against low fares and for basic amenities from the aggregators.

1.5 lakh app-based taxis in Delhi-NCR have decided not totake out their vehicles on April 18. They have planned a protest march to chiefminister Arvind Kejriwal's residence in Civil Lines from the Majnu Ka Tila Gurudwara,said a report published in the Hindustan Times.

The Sarvodaya Drivers' Association of Delhi (SDAD) that wasleading the strike claimed that Ola has agreed to its demands, however, themanagement of the company refused to comment on the assertion.

Thousands of drivers working with the two taxi aggregatorshad gone on indefinite strike against "low" fares and"lacking" basic amenities their employers provide them.

The strike has been called by the Sarvodaya DriverAssociation of Delhi, which led the February agitation.

"There has been no satisfactory response from either thecompanies or the Delhi government. Our demands have not been met, nor has therebeen any assurance given to us of any resolution. We have tried to getourselves heard through peaceful means earlier, but it has not worked. OnTuesday, we will blockade the roads and will make sure that no taxi or autooperates on the roads," informed Sarvodaya Driver Association, Chairman, SP Soni to the Economic Times.

In a bid to keep the situation under control, the Delhi HighCourt restrained two taxi drivers unions from disrupting services of cabs runby Ola and Uber in the national capital region.

Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw passed a decree "permanentlyinjuncting" the two unions and anyone associated with them from blockingcabs of Ola and Uber.

The court also stopped the unions and their members orassociates from removing or confiscating the mobile devices installed in theapp-based cabs.

It also restrained them from staging any dharna or causingany commotion or violence within 500 metres of the offices of Ola and Uberhere.

The court passed the order after the two app-based cabcompanies said that efforts to settle the dispute with the two unions -- theSarvodaya Driver Association of Delhi (SDAD) and the Rajdhani Tourist DriversUnion -- by mediation have failed.

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