Maharashtra govt mandates COVID-negative report for air, rail, road travellers from these four states

Maharashtra govt mandates COVID-negative report for air, rail, road travellers from these four states

Maharashtragovernment has made it mandatory for people from NCR, Rajasthan, and Gujarat, travellingto the state to present a COVID-19 negative report

Maharashtra government has made it mandatory for people from Delhi-NCR, Rajasthan, Goa, and Gujarat, travelling the state to carry a COVID-19 negative report, as per the new notification issued by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Monday, November 23.  

The BMC issued the guidelines as states across India are witnessing a post-festival season surge in coronavirus cases, with Delhi being the worst-hit. The total coronavirus caseload in Maharashtra has reached 1.78 million while the death toll has touched 46,623.

The new rules will come into effect from November 25. People travelling to the state by air, train, or road will have to get an RT-PCR test done before entering the threshold of the state. 

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For domestic air flyers, the RT-PCR sample collection should be done 72 hours prior to the scheduled landing time at airports in Maharashtra, the state government said in a statement.  

"Only after taking the test, the passengers will be allowed to go home by the Airport Operator," it read. The authorities will collect the contact information and address of those taking the test at the airport to facilitate contact, in case the report comes (coronavirus) negative.

"Passengers not having the RT-PCR test reports will have to compulsorily undergo RT-PCR tests at concerned airports at their own costs. The airport shall arrange the testing centres and charge the passengers directly for testing," the statement read.

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Similarly, for those travelling by road from the four states, the concerned district collectors of land border districts shall ensure that they get tested for COVID-19 symptoms including body temperature. Passengers arriving in Maharashtra via rail will have to carry an RT-PCR negative test report from a sample collected 96 hours prior to the scheduled arrival in the state.

Maharashtra government has said that entry will only be permitted to those without symptoms. "Passengers with symptoms shall have the option of turning back and going home to recuperate," the statement added. Those manifesting symptoms will be separated and made to take the antigen test. If the test comes negative, they will be permitted to enter the state.

Published on: Nov 23, 2020, 5:42 PM IST
Posted by: Manali, Nov 23, 2020, 5:42 PM IST