Mann Ki Baat Highlights: Agri reforms to open new doors of opportunities for farmers, says PM Modi

Mann Ki Baat Highlights: Agri reforms to open new doors of opportunities for farmers, says PM Modi

Mann Ki Baat Live Updates: After a lot of deliberation, the Parliament of India gave a legal form to the agricultural reforms. These reforms have not only served to unshackle our farmers but also given them new rights and opportunities, says PM.

Prime Minister Naredra Modi Prime Minister Naredra Modi

Mann Ki Baat Live Updates: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started addressing the nation through his radio program "Mann ki Baat". This will be the 71st edition of the PM's famous radio programme. The PM had announced the date of his latest Mann Ki Baat episode on November 17. He had also sought suggestions from the public as to what the topics of discussion should be. The Mann Ki Baat episode can be heard live on All India Radio, Doordarshan and Narendra Modi mobile app. Akashvani will broadcast 'Mann Ki Baat' in regional languages immediately after the Hindi broadcast. You can even give a missed call on '1922' and hear 'Mann Ki Baat' on your mobiles.

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11.50 AM: Agricultural reforms in the past few days have also now opened new doors of possibilities for our farmers. The demands that have been made by farmers for years, that every political party, at some point or the other made promise, those demands have been met, says PM Modi.

11.48 AM: Agri reforms bill passed in parliament recently will open new doors of opportunities for farmers, says PM Modi.

11.40 AM: Wherever there is anything new, we should learn from there and then support and encourage what can be good for our country - and that is the spirit of the 'Vocal For Local' mantra in the Atma Nirbhar Bharat campaign.

11.30 AM: Today, when we talk about Aatmanirbhar Bharat, we remember Sri Aurobindo. "His vision of self-reliance included keeping our mind open to best practices from all over and excelling. He also had a dream of furthering education and learning among the youth of India," says PM Modi.

11.25 AM: A unique initiative started by PM when he would visit colleges and universities during convocations.

11.24 AM:  "I would like to urge former students to keep consolidating their bonding with the institution in which they have studied! Whether it is at the level of school, college, or university," says PM Modi.

11.23 AM: The restoration efforts of Lakhpat Gurudwara were honored with Award of Distinction by UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award in 2004, says PM Modi.

11.22 AM: PM Modi talks about a Gurudwara in Kutch, which is considered very sacred and special.

11.20 AM: We are deeply inspired by the noble ideals of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, says the PM. "It was Guru Nanak Dev ji who started the tradition of Langar and we saw how the Sikh community all over the world continued the tradition of feeding people during this period of Corona, served humanity, this tradition always keeps inspiring us," he added.

11.18 AM: PM remembering Sri Guru Nanak Dev on 551th Parkash Parv.

11.18 AM: The culture of India is gaining popularity all over the world. One such effort is by Prof Jonas Masetti, who is based in Brazil and popularises Vedanta as well as the Gita among people there. He uses technology effectively to popularise our culture and ethos, says the PM.

11.16 AM: Just recently, we have received information that the heritage of Ajanta Caves is also being digitized and preserved in this project. A full view of the caves of Ajanta shall be on display in this, adds the PM.

11.15 AM: There is an island named Svalbard in the north of Norway. A project, Arctic World Archive has been set up on this island. Invaluable heritage data has been stored in this archive in such a manner that no natural or manmade disaster can affect it, says PM Modi

11.13 AM: On the one hand it is important to take cultural heritage to the maximum number of people through the medium of technology, the use of technology is also important for the conservation of this heritage, says PM Modi.

11.12 AM: In Delhi, our National museum has made some commendable efforts in this respect, says the PM. "National museum is working on introducing around 10 virtual galleries- isn't this interesting! Now sitting at your home, you can tour National Museum galleries of Delhi," he adds.

11.11 AM: Culture helps a lot during crisis, plays a major role in handling it. Even with the help of technology, culture works like an emotional recharge. Today, lots of museums and libraries in the country are working to make their collection fully digital, says PM Modi.

11.10 AM: World Heritage Week provides a wonderful opportunity to the lovers of culture to revisit the past and to know about the history of these important milestones. In spite of corona, we saw people celebrate this Heritage week in an innovative manner, says the PM.

11.09 AM: India has been successful in bringing back lots of such idols and artifacts in the past few years. There is a coincidence attached with the return of the idol of Mata Annapurna, says PM Modi.

11.08 AM: A lot of our invaluable heritage has suffered at hands of International gangs. These gangs sell them at very high price in international market. Now not only are they being subjected to heavy restrictions; India has also increased her efforts for their return, says PM Modi.

11.07 AM: "I express my gratitude to Government of Canada and to all those for this large heartedness who made this propitious deed possible. Mata Annapoorna has a very special relationship with Kashi. Now the coming back of her Idol is pleasing for all of us," says the PM.

11.06 AM: Every Indian will be proud to know that a very old idol of Devi Annapurna is returning to India from Canada. This idol was stolen from a temple of Varanasi and smuggled out of the country around 100 years ago somewhere around 1913, says the PM.

11.05 AM: PM Modi says he shares a special link with beloved Kashi.

11.05 AM: "We are now stepping into the winter season. We will get to see myriad hues of nature. For the past few days, internet is full of viral pictures of Cherry blossoms," says PM Modi.

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