Motor Vehicle Rules: E-challans, mobile only for navigation, other rules in place from today

If your papers are electronically validated then the physical documents won't be required for inspection

In an attempt to push for digitisation, a host of changes has been introduced for vehicles from today. The various amendments in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 will take place from October 1, as notified by the Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH). From digital verification of vehicular documents and online record of violators to using mobile phones only for navigation, Indian road rules have undergone a makeover.

Here are the new changes that have been implemented:

No physical verification: It is no longer mandatory to carry physical papers in your vehicle if you have validated your documents electronically. If your papers are electronically validated then the physical documents won't be required for inspection. E-challans will also be made available on the government's digital portal for perusal of traffic violators.

Digital revocation: If a violator's driving licence needs to be reported or disqualified then the authorities can report them on the digital portal.

Online records: All records of violation and drivers' behaviour would be maintained electronically. The records would also show details of the violator, time stamp of inspections and identity of policy officer or other officers authorised by the state government. The Centre wants to avoid unnecessary re-checking or inspection of vehicles.

Govt portal: Centre's portals such as DigiLocker or m-parivahan are where drivers can maintain their vehicular documents. DigiLocker is the government's initiative to create paperless governance. Documents can be e-signed, which is similar to self-attestation.

Phone for navigation: Use of mobile phones or other handheld devices have been permitted while driving solely for navigation. Any other usage that involves distracting the driver could be penalised.

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