OnePlus 5 to feature Snapdragon 835 inside, says CEO Peter Lau

OnePlus 5 to feature Snapdragon 835 inside, says CEO Peter Lau

The processor will be 35 per cent smaller and 25 per cent more power effective than its predecessor, Qualcomm claims.

The next 'flagship killer' will be better-equipped to do its job when it comes this summer, or so the rumours and leaks state. This time, though, we have confirmation. Both Qualcomm and OnePlus have confirmed that the much-awaited OnePlus 5 will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor.

OnePlus was the first to spill the beans, when CEO Peter Lau named the processor to power the company's next flagship smartphone in a blog post on Tuesday. "We're proud to announce the OnePlus 5 will feature the Snapdragon 835 processor, which sets the foundation for smooth, powerful, and efficient performance. With graphically-demanding apps, for example, you'll notice how fast they load and how well they run," Lau said in his blog on the company's official forum.

"But choosing the right components is only the first step. You also have to optimize performance to create the best user experience," he added.
In a tweet later, Qualcomm mentioned the same piece of information. "OnePlus5 is coming soon and we couldn't be more excited that it's powered by Snapdragon 835," the tweet said, followed by the link to Lau's blog post.

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Earlier we reported , OnePlus 5 will come equipped with a 5.5-inch quad-HD display with 1440x2560 pixels resolution, 6GB of RAM and dual cameras at the back.

The processor should easily handle these specifications with grace and still have some juice to spare. Clocked at 2.45 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is the most powerful mobile processor the company has to offer. The SoC comes with a 64-bit 10 nm architecture which makes it 35 per cent smaller and 25 per cent more power effective, Qualcomm claims at its website. It is made up of eight Kryo 280 CPU cores.

Qualcomm claims that the Snapdragon 835 SoC will allow peak download speeds of 1 Gigabit per second and peak upload speeds of 150 mbps. With the processor, many incumbent pitfalls of the OnePlus brand, like touch latency could also be addressed.

"One of the main areas we wanted to improve was touch latency. Our engineers tested why scrolling occasionally differed between phones. There wasn't a lot of precedent for them to work with - no benchmarks, no industry case studies to learn from. So we used a special high-speed camera to track screen movements and measure input speeds. As a result, apps respond quickly to your touch for a seamless user experience," Lau said in his blog post.

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He further added, "We also wanted to improve the overall feeling of smoothness. To achieve this, our engineers added a feature to OxygenOS to better manage the way your apps perform. The apps you use most are ready to go when you turn on the OnePlus 5. Apps you rarely use are deprioritized and kept from affecting performance."

With the rumoured spec list, OnePlus 5 can take on other flagships in the market like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Apple iPhone 7, rekindling the flagship killer creed that has been associated with OnePlus since its very first offering.

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