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Devil goes on a date in Match's hilarious ad clues in why 2020 was such a bummer released a hilarious ad which shows what happened this year was a result of the union of Satan with his hell bound lover '2020'

Anshula Raj | December 3, 2020 | Updated 17:37 IST
Devil goes on a date in Match's hilarious ad clues in why 2020 was such a bummer
Satan with his date '2020' in's new advertisement (Photo-Youtube)

What happens when the devil decides to go on date with a creature from his local hell and they get along famously? Well, the result of this match is humans shutting down and making space for the couple to wreak havoc on earth. Ring a bell? That's 2020 for you folks!, a dating app, released an advertisement with the above mentioned concept. The ad saw a collaboration between Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and pop sensation Taylor Swift. Reynold's company 'Maximum Effort' created the ad along with Swift providing a re-recording of her super hit 2008 song 'Love Story' as the background music.

The video was first shared by Reynolds on his social media handles and has since gotten some rave reviews with more than 8 million views on Instagram.

What we saw in the video is the Devil signing up on the dating app and finding a match in '2020'. Their courtship includes going to the gym, sharing popcorn at the movies, having a picnic at a stadium, nicking toilet paper rolls from public restrooms and getting a selfie at a dumpster set on fire. Now, all this is reminiscent of what we witnessed this year with public places being shut down because of the lockdown, the dearth of toilet papers due to people hoarding stuff and of course the selfie at the burning dumpster alluded towards the forest fires seen this year.

Now all these are serious problems which weren't a slight bit amusing then but looking at this video one can't help but smile. As we're at the close of the year, Satan and 2020's "love story" seems like the perfect way to look back and bid adieu to the dreadful and unprecedented year with mirth and hope. Watch the video here and check out some Twitter reactions on it.

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