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Dhoni teaching Pythagoras theorem! Unacademy's latest IPL-inspired ad wins hearts

Unacademy IPL film: The latest ad -- that's a montage of some of IPL matches' memorable moments -- is also a guide on some of the basic concepts of math and the sciences

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | November 9, 2020 | Updated 17:38 IST
Dhoni teaching Pythagoras theorem! Unacademy’s latest IPL-inspired ad wins hearts
Unacademy's ad wins hears

If every Indian were to be as invested in math and the sciences like they were in cricket, then the country would have been the global leader in...well, practically everything. As online educators, Bengaluru-based Unacademy's mission is to make education as much fun as cricket. And from the looks of it, they have covered a large part of their journey with their latest ad.

The latest ad -- that's a montage of some of IPL matches' memorable moments -- is also a guide on some of the basic concepts of math and the sciences. The ad starts with a voiceover saying, "Oh student log, iss IPL se kya sikha?" (Hey students, what did you even learn from the IPL?)

The question is followed by an upbeat rap track with highlights from the matches as corresponding visuals. The rap says learnt how to decode gravity, calculate distance through speed and time, momentum, acceleration, magnetic induction, Darwin's evolution, Newton's law of motion, combustion, conduction, volcanic eruption, melting point of metal, boiling point of kettle, theory of collision, Pythagoras theorem, battle of Panipat, cyclone warning, tectonic movements, mystery of outer space, pi of circle, geography, as well as the hack of everything. 

"You win some. You lose some. But you always learn something new. Here's to one of the constants in life - learning!" said Unacademy.

The ad has been receiving praises from all quarters with Twitterati calling it the best ad campaign in ages. Some users said they have followed IPL for a decade but are yet to come across a film better than the Unacademy ad, while some compared it with Nike ads that always manage to tap the pulse of the audience.

Novelist Durjoy Dutta said, "Damn. This is absolutely amazing! Learning isn't restricted to orthodox ways. Learning can be fun and creative. Really a great film by Unacademy." Film trade analyst Ramesh Bala said, "An absolutely creative and innovative film! We can learn from anything and everything that interests us. Way to go Unacademy."

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