Strawberry Moon Tonight Timings: Will full Moon be visible in India; significance, other details

Strawberry Moon 2021: When it will be visible, different names, visibility in India, and more. The previous supermoons took place on May 26, April 27, and March 28 respectively

Nearly a month after the world witnessed the Super Flower Blood Moon, the Moon will appear bigger and brighter on Thursday night (June 24). This event-- Strawberry Moon 2021 is significant as it marks the last full Moon of spring or the first Full Moon of summer.

This will also be the last supermoon of 2021. The previous supermoons took place on May 26, April 27, and March 28 respectively, as per NASA.

In India, the strawberry moon will reach its peak at 12:10 am and won't be visible before the sunset. Sunset in New Delhi is expected at around 07:23 pm.

It is also known as Pink Moon since the Moon is usually at a lower position in the sky and shines through the atmosphere. Thus, the moon gets its pinkish colour.

The name has more to it than the colour of the moon. This event is known so because of the short season for harvesting strawberries in the northeastern US.

In old Europe, the full moon is also known as the Mead Moon, Rose Moon, and Honey Moon. The full moon is known as the Hot Moon in the northern hemisphere as it coincides with the beginning of the summer season in the north of the equator.

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