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  • Dozens of businesses and a concerned government get down to training India. Saumya Bhattacharya and Shamni Pande join the dots on India's skilling revolution.
Apr 03, 2011
Features Sanjay Chandra, MD, Unitech arrested; challenges ahead for company

Sanjay Chandra, MD, Unitech arrested; challenges ahead for company

The telecom scam has immeasurably dented the image of the company and the promoters. Stumbling in and out of crises over the past few years, the real estate major faces its biggest challenge as MD Sanjay Chandra is arrested in the 2G scam.

Collateral damage

Lack of timely credit is killing growth opportunities for small and medium enterprises across the country.

Booster shot

After the failed Parkway bid last year, Singh brothers of Fortis bounce back with a spate of global buys. Can they lead in the Asian healthcare market?

Fortune in cookies

Global players hungry for a bite and local firms craving a bigger share are set to reshape the Indian biscuit market.

DMK's free lunches turn costly

With assembly elections on in Tamil Nadu, the DMK is banking on populist measures to offset the damage to its image caused by the 2G spectrum scam. However, the measures have also had adverse consequences with the state paying a heavy price.

Sindhudurg's last stand

Mining firms threaten self-sufficient communities.

God's own challenges

Despite a boom in commodity prices, tourism and remittances, Kerala faces grave problems. The future of the economy lies in the creation of infrastructure like the ICTT and roadways.

Not impressed

The RBI's renewed offer to foreign banks to expand in India gets lukewarm response.

Cold war at Jaitapur: Villagers worry over mode of living

Land acquisition remains on paper as people oppose the nuclear power project. The villagers think the reactors will affect the ecology of the area and their earnings.
Leadership Spotlight Leadership style with Rahul Bhasin

Leadership style with Rahul Bhasin

Managing Partner of Baring Private Equity Partners (India) Pvt. Ltd Rahul Bhasin talks about his leadership style.
People People business

People business

Rajat Gupta , 62, was one of the first Indians to break the race barrier at a global consultancy firm when he was appointed Managing Director of McKinsey & Company in 1997.
Jobs If you wish to be a star...

If you wish to be a star...

Companies seek specific traits and attitudes in new hires. Do you have it in you?

Happy days are here again

Salary hikes are likely to be hefty this year, thanks to a buoyant economy.
Book Road rules of great leaders

Road rules of great leaders

The authors find some order in the universe of leadership, says Somnath Dasgupta.
Drive Better safe than sorry

Better safe than sorry

Supplementary Restraint System - Airbags are plastic bags located in the steering wheel and dashboard of a car, which balloon out to protect the driver and front seat passenger in case of a frontal collision.

Small wonder

Alto is the world's largest selling hatchback, no mean feat for a car in its 10th year.
Corporate Pedalling for pleasure

Pedalling for pleasure

Discover your city on bicycle. Tour operators are springing up to help you do so.
Case Study Tree-farming yields bumper harvest

Tree-farming yields bumper harvest

Hit by the Forest Conservation Act, ITC chose the difficult option of farm forestry and came up trumps.
Columns Deregulate diesel prices

Deregulate diesel prices

Barring a swift resolution of the turmoil in West Asia or the release of strategic stocks by the International Energy Agency or IEA, crude oil prices will remain high in the coming months.

Crude challenges

Even if peaceful conditions return soon in the Arab world and the OPEC makes up for the fall in production by pumping extra oil, prices are expected to remain at around $100 a barrel or higher for the next couple of years.

Pranab's CENVAT Googly

Pratik Jain and Supriya Oberoi Jain  says in India, the credit regime has often been characterised as restrictive, ad hoc and ambiguous. Some proposals in this year's budget have made the rules even more restrictive.

Seven fatal flaws in our tax laws

Arvind P. Datar says every budget in our country seems to pursue a single-minded agenda of raising the tax rates without any concern for the manufacturing and service sectors.
Focus Etcetera


Gmail released a storage software update that introduced an unexpected bug which wiped out information from select accounts.

India has underinvested in intellectual property: Horacio Gutirrez

Horacio Gutierrez is the intellectual property and patents chief of Microsoft. He spoke to BT's Rahul Sachitanand on the software giant's evolving views on IP and India's role in a globalising market for technology during his recent trip to Bangalore. Edited excerpts

5 steps to here

GVK expands in India.

The new internet revolution

Asia's biggest emerging markets, China and India, will add 700 million Net users by 2015 to cross the one-billion mark. Much of it will be through mobiles, not PCs

The top 10 most watched ads in February 2011

With some of the states going to elections soon, it is hardly surprising that the Bharat Nirman ad, showcasing the good work done by the government, is all over the airwaves.

On Record

Reforms are not a one-shot exercise, they have to be pursued continuously… I can do more, when I have the space to do more.

Will a Joint Parliamentary Committee help to untangle the telecom mess?

A clear majority of respondents feels a JPC will indeed crack the 2G spectrum scam. Despite the investigations already on - one by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament, another by the Central Bureau of Investigation, overseen by the Supreme Court - they feel a JPC will be more effective.


A dual-SIM smartphone that works. And a remote control that does not.

Now, health insurance portability

Come July, India's 10 million health insurance policyholders will be able to switch insurers, as easily as mobile phone owners can switch operators.

Find out the meaning of a new business word: Bluebird

Bluebird is defined as an unexpected or a very profitable sale in business.

Speedbreakers ahoy

RBI's high interest rate policy is weighing down industrial production without reining in inflation.

Say yes to strategic philanthropy

The India Country Office's director of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation writes on why philanthropy should be strategic, and the cause is dearest to his heart.

BT Retro

The official broadcaster, ESPN, is expected to rake in at least Rs 500 crore during the World Cup tournament.

CEO Watch

India's and the world's most talked about CEOs in February.

Numbers of note

$851 million The sum Hero Investments will pay Honda Motors Ltd to buy its 26 per cent stake in Hero Honda.
Letters Reader's forum

Reader's forum

Business Today's cover package Budget Deficit (March 20) has given an unbiased report on the Budget 2011-2012, unlike leading newspapers.
News Tough times ahead for iPad 2

Tough times ahead for iPad 2

In the nine months since the iPad's initial launch, Apple had sold 15 million of them. With net sales totalling Rs 41,400 crore, iPads accounted for 90 per cent of the tablet market. But will Google's Android operating system prove a spoiler for the iPad 2?
Money Banking on Mutual Funds

Banking on Mutual Funds

Indian investors have always believed in bank deposits. Now mutual fund houses are trying to woo them through customised schemes.
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

Skill and labour shortages are starting to cause economic pain in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, which go to the polls in mid-April. The DMK has turned Tamil Nadu into a deficit welfare state, while tourism is dropping off and West Asia turmoil is imperilling remittances in Kerala.