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  • Indian stock markets are still shallow, with power concentrated with a few brokerages on Dalal Street.
  • Despite some obstacles, the commodities market is evolving as a promising asset class for retail investors. But, like the equity markets, investors would do well to do their homework before investing in their favourite commodities.
  • If the predictions hold, this year will be choppy, with more and more fund managers on the Street coming around to the view that the Bombay Stock Exchange's benchmark index, Sensex, will end flat this year, if not in the negative.
Mar 06, 2011
Fashion The linen cabinet

The linen cabinet

Smarten up this summer by celebrating all things linen.

Dandy march

It's never too early to prep for the year ahead. The winter chill may just be retreating and spring setting in, but you can begin planning your wardrobe for 2011's fall-winter by checking out the trends at the recent menswear shows in Milan and Paris.
Features Sweet swell

Sweet swell

Music reality TV shows and live performances resonate across India, opening new opportunities for singers.

The royalties rush

Higher royalty payments by Indian subsidiaries of foreign companies bring in better technologies but can hurt the interests of minority shareholders.

Network drive

The networking giant, fresh from topping $1 billion in India revenues, begins walking its talk in the hinterland.

Unmade in Tirupur

The knitwear capital of India is being squeezed by two messy problems: forex deals gone wrong, and a polluted, dying river.

The new go-to markets

Many of the cities where companies are planning investments are located in states which till recently were loosely called backward states. High population regions, traditionally characterised by poor social indicators, are emerging as consumption hot spots.

Nod to a digital beat

Most young Indians have known nothing but digital music but that has done precious little for the music industry. That may be changing, slowly.

The lad fails to deliver

The MP and MLA Local Area Development scheme comes under the scanner after Nitish Kumar scraps it in Bihar.

Caught in a logjam

As UPA-II finds itself in the midst of controversies and corruption charges, BT lists five pending Bills that need urgent attention and could save the face of the government.

The other end of the spectrum

The people in scam-tainted former telecom minister A. Raja's hometown languish at the bottom of the development pyramid.

Rough weather ahead for India Inc

The earnings season gives indications that corporate India might find the going tough in the next few quarters, says Vikas Khemani, the Head (Institutional Equities), Edelweiss Securities.

'The feeling is this budget might be more of the same'

Former finance minister Yashwant Sinha and four experts with a wealth of expertise got together at our office on a Sunday for a pow-wow moderated by Business Today's Chaitanya Kalbag and Puja Mehra.
Money Taking the fund route

Taking the fund route

Mutual fund houses are wooing parents with niche offerings that promise to help build a corpus for their children.
Book Building leadership depth

Building leadership depth

Reading about 'How tos' won't help you build a talent bank, but it is a start, says Saumya Bhattacharya.
Jobs How to handle sudden criticism

How to handle sudden criticism

When discussions around appraisals begin, a number of people are in for unpleasant surprises in terms of feedback. This results in both anger and attrition.

University to plug skill gap

TeamLease and Gujarat are putting in place India's first vocational education university.
People People business

People business

Starring: Anil Moolchandani, Tanya Goyal, M. Damodaran, Dr Sabahat Azim, U.K. Sinha, Paul Kerr, Amit Sood
Leadership Spotlight Leadership style with Ravi Prasad

Leadership style with Ravi Prasad

Executive Chairman of the Himalaya Drug Company Ravi Prasad talks about his leadership style.
BT More Take a swing at Hua Hin

Take a swing at Hua Hin

A trip to the Thai king's summer retreat, which boasts great courses and white sandy beaches, will charm you with the perfect golf holiday.

The noble swede

From the land of the Nobel comes an SUV that's not just stunning but noble too. Vikrant Singh reports.

At the end

There are different kinds of love, but they all have the same aim. Possession.

A day in apps

Life can be messy. Thankfully, iPhone applications are here to help. Here are some apps to see you through the day with reminders, flight trackers and a dog whistle.

On the move

River cruising is a highly pleasurable and convenient way of seeing the world's greatest cities. Shouldn't miss this boat.

Track and wield

Check the desirability quotient.

Books that shaped my life

Chris George, Founder & CEO, EBS worldwide talks about the books that have influenced his thinking.

Live local, eat global

Already blessed with some innovative fine dining options, with the opening of the stylish wine lounge and global cuisine restaurant L'Angoor, the choices have just gotten better for Gurgaon's professional community.

Taming the wild

A walk on the wild side can become the genesis of an endearing bond. We explore some exotic species that make wonderful pets and conversation points. Taming the shrew may be easier than you imagined.


You've joined the elite rank of collectors. Now display and protect your artworks with the right supports and frame. Susmita Saha tells you how.

Test tube babies

Calling all men who've clambered onto the beauty wagon. Here are some products to add to your dresser for the summer months. Smooth cheeks are made of things like these.

Live life vegetable size

If it tastes good, spit it out ... and live to 96. At last, a health guru has lived long enough to suggest that he may have been right. But is a spartan diet really the key? Read on

Keep pace

Fast cars, horses and boats. Racing tidbits from around the world.

Seek and you shall Hyde

The world's most expensive apartments are now ready for their occupants.
Letters Reader's forum

Reader's forum

Tied Down Economy (cover story, February 20) utilised sound data to highlight the India Slowing story. It prescribed correct directions to concretise ongoing initiatives so we don't veer away from the growth path.
Focus Etcetera


Last fortnight, there were a lot of creased brows in India when it emerged that Indian students in the United States were being 'tagged' using electronic anklet devices, in the wake of an immigration scam.

We'll help Indian companies go global: Edward E. Nusbaum

Edward E. Nusbaum is CEO of Grant Thornton International, the fifth-largest audit and accounting firm in the world.

BT Retro

Currently, Hutchison and Essar are wrangling over Essar's 33 per cent stake in the joint venture.

5 steps to here

The roadblocks that hit the Posco project in Orissa.

The PE cutting edge

The PE-backed companies have outperformed their industry peers in terms of growth in sales, profitability, wages and R&D investments.

On record

What is really happening is a slowdown of the western world and growth of the emerging markets. This is a complete shift in the balance of power, said Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro, at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

CEO Watch

India's and the world's most talked-about CEOs in January.

Should the government allow FDI in multibrand retail as a long-term strategy to combat inflation?

Most agree that foreign direct investment, or FDI, in multibrand retail will be a right step. So far, any suggestions by the government in this direction have been resisted by the Opposition. Even in the government, there are sections opposed to it.

Numbers of note

Rs 1,518 cr The net profit of NMDC Ltd (formerly National Mineral Development Corporation) for the third quarter. Profits were up 81 per cent year on year.

Betting on currencies

The currency market may soon become a happy hunting ground for retail investors as trading volumes soar.

Find out the meaning of a new business word

What it means: A very short, concise speech meant to convince somebody about the validity of an idea, product, or service.

Rough weather ahead

The earnings season gives indications that corporate India might find the going tough in the next few quarters, says Vikas Khemani.

Cleaning up the telecom mess

The government hopes to untangle the spectrum imbroglio with its new telecom policy.
ECONOMIC SURVEY Summary of Economic Survey 2010-11

Summary of Economic Survey 2010-11

Here are some of the high points of the Economic Survey 2010-11, presented by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in Lok Sabha on Friday.
LATEST rail budget highlights

rail budget highlights

rail budget highlights
Launch Introducing, the iPad

Introducing, the iPad

Apple's iPad is finally available in India. Thank God.
Utility Remote bargain

Remote bargain

A multitude of brands in their basket, homeshopping channels are a big hit and may well be the new face of alternative retail.
Technology 21st century revolution

21st century revolution

Can social networks really bring down a government?
Case Study Hanging by the thread

Hanging by the thread

Rising input prices coupled with poor access to capital and markets are pushing weavers into other professions.
Event 'Necessity is the mother of innovation'

'Necessity is the mother of innovation'

Innovation in India is not just about patents filed but about affordable scalable solutions.
Big Story FM to FM

FM to FM

Yashwant Sinha, initiator of some far-reaching reforms in the past, has some advice for the UPA's Pranab Mukherjee. Sinha has presented six budgets, including an interim one, in two stints as finance minister. These budgets had a fair share of bold proposals.
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

India's stock markets are still very shallow; just 3 per cent of household savings go into equities, and 200 of 5,000 listed stocks account for 80 per cent of market capitalisation. One way is to diversify into commodities. Commodities derivatives trading volume totalled a breathtaking Rs 8.3 trillion in 2010 - a 300 per cent leap in four years!