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Chiaroscuro Infosys gets a new chairman

Infosys gets a new chairman

Infosys got a new chairman in K.V. Kamath but its three remaining founders - Kris Gopalakrishnan, N.R. Narayana Murthy, and S.D. Shibulal - stay on at its helm.
Leadership Spotlight SAIL chairman C.S. Verma's leadership style is participative

SAIL chairman C.S. Verma's leadership style is participative

Chairman of SAIL, C.S. Verma talks about his leadership style.
People People business

People business

In the 21 months that Timothy John Roemer was the United States' Ambassador to India, the former Democratic Congressman saw bilateral ties between the two countries strengthen considerably.
Features A number of factors fuelling inflation: RBI governor D. Subbarao

A number of factors fuelling inflation: RBI governor D. Subbarao

The Reserve Bank has warned its fight against inflation will remain ineffective unless the government fixes the fiscal situation.

RBI Governor Duvvuri Subbarao rebuts his critics on rate hike

In an interview with Associate Editor Puja Mehra soon after announcing the annual monetary policy on May 3, RBI Governor Duvvuri Subbarao rebutted his critics and said that, looking back, he would not have done anything differently.

Treating brain tumour with a nanotech-based drug delivery system

A nanotech-based drug delivery system holds the promise of more effective brain tumour treatment.

Asia MotorWorks make a mark with a well-thought strategy

Large-scale outsourcing, combined with close monitoring of quality, enables Anirudh Bhuwalka's Asia MotorWorks to make a mark.

RBI penalises top banks that sold exotic forex products

The RBI penalises top banks which sold exotic forex products to consumers who did not understand them.

Surge in prices transforms cotton farmers' lives

A surge in prices has transformed cotton farmers' lives, helped by Bt Cotton in no small measure.

The biggest challenges for entrepreneurs on start-ups

Scaling up, or taking a start-up to the next level, is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs. The first hurdle that can hold them back is complacency.

How to sell innovations for a successful start-up

Innovation on its own does not guarantee success. Only after it has been sold to customers and stakeholders can it be called successful.

Master 'entrepreneurship' for a great start-up

An entrepreneurship course should teach two fundamental skills: how to own the roadmap even if you do not own the business. Even if you are an employee in a company, you can perform and ideate as if it was your own company.

'B-schools should help new entrepreneurs'

The process of registering and getting various other permissions to embark on a start-up is still so slow and full of corrupt intermediaries that many budding entrepreneurs run out of patience and give up.

providing sufficient incentives for a start-up

Young people can go a long way in fostering their potential provided they get sufficient incentives to start off.

Experts list out what troubles Indian entrepreneurs

In World Bank's global index of 'Ease of Doing Business', India ranks 133 out of 183 countries. Five experts discuss the problems Indian entrepreneurs face and what can be done to reduce them.

Bollywood catching up on VFX technique

More and more Indian films are turning to the computer to create their most spectacular scenes.

KV Kamath says Infosys is a positively aggressive company

K.V. Kamath, the newly named chairman of Infosys, tells Business Today in an interview that three new executive directors are coming on board from the internal slate.Listen to K.V.Kamath's interview

Infosys appoints KV Kamath as new chairman. Is more change in store?

A new chairman, a new board, a new name, but the old order at Infosys is unlikely to be shaken. Here's why. Read the interview

Domino's to provide a fresh array of tasty bites

Having conquered the pizza market, Domino's has tied up with Dunkin' Donuts, one of the biggest baked foods and coffee retailers in the United States, to prepare and sell its products in this country, particularly those on the breakfast menu.

Moser Baer bets big on solar energy

With its core business slipping, Moser Baer, the world's second-largest optical disc manufacturer, invests heavily in solar energy.

Direction and leadership are both lacking UPA-II

Both direction and leadership are lacking in the present government, which is facing a new crisis every day - from the 2G scam to the Lokpal Bill. We round up all that these ministers have been up to in the first 100 days in their new offices.
Jobs How to deal with mid-career blues?

How to deal with mid-career blues?

What to do if you are stuck in an industry with little room for advancement.

Earn big by helping the disadvantaged

Most leading Indian companies today are involved in philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, related programmes. They need trained professionals to run them, whom they are ready to pay corporate-level salaries.
Book 'The world is not as globalised as we believe'

'The world is not as globalised as we believe'

The author insists the world is not as globalised as we believe, says Srivatsa Krishna.
Technology After emails, government wants to control Internet

After emails, government wants to control Internet

Forget email, the government wants to control your activity on the Internet.
Money Investing in base metals can give good returns too

Investing in base metals can give good returns too

Like precious metals, base metals too can give good returns if the timing is right.
Focus Thomas Kalaris of Barclays Wealth is on hiring spree

Thomas Kalaris of Barclays Wealth is on hiring spree

Thomas Kalaris, Chief Executive of Barclays Wealth since 2006, is on a hiring spree to transform the private wealth manager into a global brand.

Respite from telecallers still some way off

Unsolicited telemarketers' calls have gone down, but they have still not stopped.

Tech Mahindra's journey

1986 M&M and British Telecom announce JV with 44% and 38% holding, respectively, in the incorporated company Mahindra British Telecom

Global capital may become dearer in the coming years

The prevailing low interest rate regime may end soon, and global capital may become dearer in the coming years, thanks to the voracious investment needs of emerging economies, says the McKinsey Global Institute in a recent study.

Best quotes from business and political leaders

… The Fed can't create more oil. We don't control the growth rates of emerging market economies. Ben Bernanke, Chairman, US Federal Reserve, at the first-ever press conference held by a Fed chief, quoted by wire agencies

Will setting up the Lokpal help in combating corruption?

Majority of respondents believes that creation of the institution of Lokpal will help fi ght corruption effectively. No doubt, corruption is the biggest scourge facing India today; if unchecked, it will deal a body blow to the India Shining story.

Nikon's tidy power shooter and Panasonic's all-weather laptop

The Coolpix L120 from Nikon is a surprisingly small camera that packs a powerful punch at an affordable price. Panasonic Toughbook CF-F9 is a great machine, but too expensive for most.

Buy policies on phone now

A life insurance policy can now be bought over the phone without physically filling an application form.

India's and world's most talked about CEOs in April

Ratan Tata hogged maximum media attention in April, thanks to the extensive coverage accorded to the simultaneous but independent probes by the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Public Accounts Committee, or PAC, of Parliament into the 2G spectrum scam.

Meaning of the word Job Lock

What it means: An employee who wants to quit his job but doesn't want to lose his benefits.

How different things work

The April 29 royal wedding in Britain was an Internet blockbuster, with millions watching it live online. Though live video streaming for multiple viewers is now commonplace, here is a quick primer on how it works.

Wipro may do best in 2011-2012

If Cognizant's projections hold, it will best Wipro in Q1, 2011/12.

Merger of Air India, Indian Airlines behind airline's money troubles

Former civil aviation minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy says the merger of Air India with Indian Airlines is at the root of the airline's current troubles.
Letters India's Hottest Young Executives made for an interesting read.

India's Hottest Young Executives made for an interesting read.

Your cover story, India's Hottest Young Executives made for an interesting read. One couldn't agree more with what your introduction stated - that the country's demographic tilt favours youth.
Reporters Diary The story behind Natural Ice Cream's success

The story behind Natural Ice Cream's success

The unique feature of Natural Ice Cream's offerings is that they contain no artificial flavours, no preservatives or stabilisers, only fresh fruit pulp or dry fruits. We find out the reason for the brand's popularity with ice-cream lovers.
Drive Renault brand to return in May with Fluence

Renault brand to return in May with Fluence

Its once-prized Logan is now the Mahindra Verito, but the Renault brand will return in May with the Fluence, says Kushan Mitra.
Editors note 'India needs to defeat inflation'

'India needs to defeat inflation'

Our stock markets are stumbling, and profit margins are being squeezed by inflation and rising interest rates. You don't hear the word overheating much in India, but that is precisely what is happening. In this season of mangoes, the aam admi is getting clobbered.