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Apr 17, 2011
Indias New Business Families The reclusive stars: The Mittals, Biyanis, Chandras

The reclusive stars: The Mittals, Biyanis, Chandras

Short profiles of some of the biggest and most innovative entrepreneurs.
Technology Casting a Green Net

Casting a Green Net

Ways in which IT can be made less damaging to the environment.
Utility What's cooking?

What's cooking?

A booming economy means big business for premium kitchen brands, says Anumeha Chaturvedi.
Money ESOPs: Preparing for the year-end bounty

ESOPs: Preparing for the year-end bounty

If your employer is planning to grant you employee stock ownership plans, or ESOPs, along with your regular bonus, increment or promotion, this is a good time to understand this complex incentive.
BT More Maruti Suzuki, Toyota enter each other's territory

Maruti Suzuki, Toyota enter each other's territory

A budget carmaker tries its hand at luxury while a luxury carmaker goes the other way. Welcome to the genre-hopping world of Maruti Suzuki and Toyota.

On the move

April is your final chance to discover the fantastic Southern Alps of New Zealand before winter sets in.

Track and wield

Check the desirability quotient of the new products launched.

The art of balance

The Suzuki GSX-R1000 is a beauty that balances its performance to accommodate both new and experienced riders.

Get lost in Spain

We take you on a whirlwind trip across Spain's hidden treasures and hedonistic preserves. Come undone.

Books that shaped my life

Deepak Chandnani, President, OBOPAY talks about the books that have made him what he is today.

Social mores

The new Eaton Transit Hotel at Delhi's T3 terminal has upped the standard for flyers in the country.

My stuff

'There are different kinds of love, but they all have the same aim. Possession.'

State of wine

Vast, sprawling vineyards, a state-of-the-art winery, a sleek minimalist guesthouse of contemporary architecture; accompanied by large quantities of vino. Two days at the Fratelli winery in Maharashtra were a lesson in wine and passion, and their Indian connection.

Table for two

A great view, choice drinks and a buzzing atmosphere make The Table a great joint, but the food at the restaurant's globally-inspired menu at Colaba's newest eatery, leaves a lot to be desired.

Tune in, tone up, sweat out!

Swinging to African drum beats, walking like Scandinavians or just imitating a monkey; when it comes to workouts, quirky is the buzzword. Fight the blues of bad health and get in the pink with some interesting exercises.

Getting down and dirty

Twenty-six acres of land on the outskirts of Mumbai has been turned into a dirt track for India's first safety driving school for rally drivers. Innovative programmes and quality teachers make AutoMission a hit.

Great white yonder

Antarctica, the land of sculptural icebergs, wallowing seals and rookeries of penguins, is in every way a bucketlist destination. Plan a visit to the white continent with our travel blueprint.

Seed of delight

Immensely popular in its various forms throughout the Mediterranean, anise-based drinks are the best way to kick back on a hot afternoon.

Summer gear

Bags are one of the easiest ways for the man of the moment to accessorise. There are great choices out there too. We bring you some of the best from this season to help you make up your mind.
Features Into the headwind

Into the headwind

A spurt in input costs and interest expenses is eroding the profit margins of corporate India.

Washington is starting to look like Delhi, says British historian Niall Ferguson

An erudite scholar, acclaimed author and the William Ziegler Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, British historian Niall Ferguson wears several hats. Edited excerpts from an interview:

Bhopal gas tragedy case: Past horrific, present tense

The re-opening of the Bhopal case has industry bodies worried.

Ripple effect

The calamity has affected Japanese business badly, including companies that have a presence in India.

Password impasse

An anti-fraud measure has online merchants fuming.

Japan nuclear crisis: Lessons for India

Is India's nuclear establishment prepared to deal with a Fukushima-type crisis?

Fading out Infosys ver 1.0

Ambiguity over its business model, top management transition and a testy second-tier leadership will challenge Infosys like never before.

We need strong regulators, says MP Rajeev Chandrasekharan

"Corruption, nepotism...are symptoms of a deep-rooted malaise in our governance," argued Rajeev Chandrasekhar, one-time telecom magnate and now independent Member of Parliament, at the India Today Conclave.

Green GDP a matter of livelihoods, says Jairam Ramesh

Industry's most-hated minister, Jairam Ramesh, whom his critics cite as the biggest threat to India's GDP growth, stuck to his guns at the India Today Conclave.

Real estate: On shaky ground

Real estate is in the doldrums again, thanks to rising interest rates, tighter lending norms and a volatile market.

A.M. Naik: Why is this man splitting L&T?

A.M. Naik risks squandering his legacy with a rushed plan to split the company.

India Today Conclave 2011: Festival of Ideas

This year's India Today Conclave featured thought leaders from around the world.  BT interviewed those who had something interesting to say about business and economy.

Internet Has to be a Neutral Place, says Tim Berners Lee

Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, 55, is regarded as the father of the World Wide Web. A British engineer and computer scientist, he currently teaches at MIT. He spoke to BT's Kushan Mitra.

2G Scam: Arun Shourie says Centre has succeeded, not Opposition

BJP leader Arun Shourie is in touch with the Department of Telecom official who blew the whistle on the 2G scam that has led to the arrest of former UPA telecom minister A Raja. He speaks to Puja Mehra. Excerpts:

We love the news business: James Murdoch

At 38, he is not given to mincing words. James Murdoch, Chairman and CEO, Europe and Asia, of the $32.8-billion News Corporation, openly criticised the foreign direct investment norms in India that cap the entry of global players in the news and digital broadcasting space. In an interview with Shamni Pande he opens up on the group's plans for India.
Leadership Spotlight Leadership style with Arun Bharat Ram

Leadership style with Arun Bharat Ram

Chairman of SRF Ltd Ltd Arun Bharat Ram talks about his leadership style.
Executive Health Vein concerns

Vein concerns

Jet-setters need to guard against deep vein thrombosis, says Rahul Sachitanand.
Book Civilizations revisited, brilliantly

Civilizations revisited, brilliantly

The book explains the history of the West and why the West is history, says Srivatsa Krishna.
Focus Inflation worries: What RBI should do next

Inflation worries: What RBI should do next

Tightening of interest rates was required, but the time may have come for a pause, says the former Director General of the National Council of Applied Economic Research.

Find out the meaning of a new business word: Jawboning

Jawboning: The use of public appeals to influence actions, especially relating to business.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett: Primer for Giving

Gleaned from public interactions of Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates in India.

Smart New Trading Tool To Help Find Prices of Shares

A newly-introduced software provides instant information on the price of shares across bourses.

Numbers to Note

$71.7 bn: The revenues of the Indian IT-BPO industry by the end of 2011, accounting for 5.8 per cent of the country's GDP.

Gadgets review: iPad 2 and Motorola Defy

The iPad2 is not yet available in India, and is not expected to be here even during the second phase of Apple's product roll-out in late April.

Business leaders: Walk the talk

"For another Green Revolution, you need technology...Services like electricity and water; marketing...and lastly, farmers' enthusiasm. The last is the most important input and it is totally absent," says M.S. Swaminathan.

5 Steps To Here: The Harshad Mehta Legacy

Know all about the Harshad Mehta stock market scam in only 5 steps.

Don't compare India and China, says Deloitte Global MD

Jamshedpur boy MANOJ SINGH is the Global Managing Director of Operations at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, one of accounting's Big Four worldwide. Suman Layak caught up with Singh.
Deal Watch Biggest business deals in the past 30 days (February 15 to March 14)

Biggest business deals in the past 30 days (February 15 to March 14)

Biggest business deals in the past 30 days (*February 15 to March 14)
Columns Legacy as lasting nightmare

Legacy as lasting nightmare

Professor at the Centre for Policy Research Bharat Karnad says certain nuclear aspects of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in Japan have a bearing on the fanciful power generation schemes that have been taken up by the Manmohan govt.
People People business

People business

He spent the last few years in exotic locales such as Borneo, Phuket, Auckland and Kuala Lumpur managing properties. Now, 38-year-old Australian Shaun Langdon is in India with a tough job in hand.
Editors note From the Editor

From the Editor

A worldwide debate is raging about the risks of nuclear power. Even if the Indian government's audacious plan for a necklace of reactors takes shape, we will derive only five per cent of our energy needs from nuclear plants by 2050.
Letters Business Today readers write to the Editor

Business Today readers write to the Editor

Your cover story Making 500 Million People Employable (April 3) has accurately highlighted the various aspects of the compelling responsibility of shaping the skill dimensions of Indians, writes B Rajasekaran from Bangalore.
Jobs Time to be a patent agent

Time to be a patent agent

The current pool of patent agents is way too small to meet the demand, says Manu Kaushik.
Food Pairing puffs and pints

Pairing puffs and pints

The Freuds and Churchills of the world today are satiating their palate in diverse ways. Cigar expert Manish Dutt delves into some cigar and liquor pairing options that will leave you asking for more.