Five subtle ways that will help you get a salary hike

Five subtle ways that will help you get a salary hike

Here is what one could do before asking one's boss for a raise.

If doing a job of your choice motivates you to get up in the morning for office each day, getting paid on your terms would just be an icing on the cake. How would it be if we just knew the trick to tap on ways to get that increment?

When responsibilities increase, anyone would want some more money in his/her pockets. Everyone would spoil herself/himself for working long and treat in the end; want to get bills paid on time, and, above all, be confident of one's salary digits.

Here is what one could do before asking one's boss for a raise:

Asking a favour: This depends on how far you are able to connect with your boss. Ask them for a favour by borrowing a book or stationary. This develops a bond between the employee and the employer. If your boss gets familiar with helping you, same could be expected in the future.

Set a tone: Before approaching the boss for a raise, set a positive mood to get a yes. You may ask them if they appreciated their time off during a vacation. Set an agreeable tone prior to your proposal of getting the raise. Offer a mint or a piece of gum to get them in a relaxing mood.

Flatter: This might sound very mean, but yes it is a way to get someone on your side. Sugar coat those words that reach your boss's ears. Anyone likes to be addressed politely. Remember, it is your boss who would be signing you cheque and not the company. The company might make a revenue on the whole, but it is the boss, who gives the approval on what goes in your pocket.

Start high: While planning over negotiations stay firm in asking on more than what is expected or you're comfortable accepting. Even while selling products, sales people would generally keep price close to what would satisfy their sale as well as the consumer. Master the same trick by starting higher than what you expect to get.

Turn the script on your side: Because this is not an interview to get a job, just an opportunity to prove your credibility. If you are confident of your work, then prove your worth by making conversation on how you "fill gaps" and how your skills help the company in problem solving. Many people fail while they rely on other's support for getting things done. Be respectful in your approach but assertive in directing attention to your best qualities.