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Airtel launches Safe Pay to combat online payment frauds

Airtel has launched a new feature 'Safe Pay' for digital payments for all Airtel Payments Bank customers. It adds another layer of authentication to protect online transactions against cyber and banking frauds.

Akarsh Verma | February 7, 2021 | Updated 11:44 IST


  • Airtel has launched another layer of authentication for online transactions called ‘Safe Pay’.
  • Every transaction where money from your Airtel Payments Bank account is to be debited, you’ll get an alert.
  • Airtel says that all UPI apps can be linked to your Airtel Payments Bank account.

Airtel has launched 'Airtel Safe Pay', a safe mode for making digital payments, to protect Airtel customers from the growing incidents of online payment frauds. With the security feature, customers making UPI or net banking based payments through the payments bank, no longer have to worry about money leaving their accounts without their explicit consent.

The security feature leverages Airtel's 'telco exclusive' strength of network intelligence to provide an additional layer of payment validation compared to the industry norm of two-factor authentication. This is said to offer the highest level of protection from potential frauds such as phishing, stolen credentials or passwords, and even phone cloning that catches customers unaware.

"Safe Pay will be available to all of you with Airtel Payments Bank accounts. The Airtel Payments Bank account has a maximum balance limit of INR 1 lakh, which makes it a perfect secondary account for everyday transactions. You can link any UPI app to your Airtel Payments Bank account as well, to ensure that there is zero exposure to your primary bank account. If you already have an Airtel Payments Bank account linked to your Airtel mobile number" said Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal in a letter to all Airtel customers.

Using the feature, customers of the payments bank can make secure digital payments across millions of merchants, online retailers, and utilities, and even send money. Customers can open an account within a few minutes with a video call from the Airtel Thanks app and enjoy a range of benefits while they make fully secure digital payments.

For over a month now Airtel has been heavily publicising the new Safe Pay feature using adverts on TV as well as an online marketing campaign. The feature is free of charge and can be activated through the Airtel Thanks app home screen or from the banking section in a few simple steps.

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