Apple unveils 'Best of 2020' App Store winners, most popular apps of the year

Apple unveils 'Best of 2020' App Store winners, most popular apps of the year

As a first, this year's winners will receive physical 'App Store Best of 2020 awards,' featuring the App Store logo set into 100% recycled aluminium along with the winner's name on the side.

Apple released its annual list of best applications and games of 2020 on Wednesday. With the pandemic dictating several terms this year, the "Best of 2020" winners this year include a number of apps that catered to the issue and helped people transition to a life spent at home.

App Store editors unanimously select the winners, judging them on the  app's quality, creative design, usability, interface, among other things. To put things in perspective, Wakeout! - a home workout application - won the iPhone App of the year, while Zoom bagged the top spot as the iPad App of the year. For the Apple TV, it was Disney+ snagging the award for the top spot.

Apple had mentioned in its announcement that applications are a reflection of culture and social interactions. With the pandemic occupying a lot of headspace for people, the year saw people's heightened focus on self-care and mental health; remote work and learning; interactive gaming; as well as staying connected with family and friends.

Published on: Dec 02, 2020, 3:52 PM IST
Posted by: Mohammad Haarisbeg, Dec 02, 2020, 3:52 PM IST