PUBG Mobile to be back in India! And the players won't be half-naked...

The new version will be called PUBG Mobile India, where the word "India" indicates the many things that went wrong with the game's previous version, leading to its ban

The official release date of PUBG Mobile will be announced soon The official release date of PUBG Mobile will be announced soon

PUBG Mobile India has been official launched in the country by PUBG Corporation. The new version will be called PUBG Mobile India. As per PUBG Corporation, the game's new version is specifically designed for Indian users, comprising local customisations.

The official release date of PUBG Mobile India will be announced soon. The company has said that it will offer healthy and secure gameplay, in accordance with the government's mandate.

South Korea-based PUB Corporation's parent company Krafton recently collaborated with Microsoft to store user data on Azure Cloud, which is also available in India locally. The Centre has ordered that the data of Indian users stay within the country's borders under the data localisation policy.

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Besides the government's concerns, the general perception about the game being violent and going against certain cultural practices is something the PUBG Corporation is addressing head first.

That's why it has ensured that the characters in the game will be fully clothed, unlike the regular version where they are half-naked and have to be attired with the help of apparel won or bought in the game.

Alongside, the PUBG Mobile India will also be set in a virtual simulation training ground that is familiar to Indian users. Another aspect of the game was the health reasons which PUBG Corporation is addressing with a new feature that will limit the game time "to promote health gameplay habits for younger players."

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PUBG Corporation has also stated that it will set up an Indian subsidiary to "enhance communications and services with players." The Indian subsidiary will hire 100 employees specialising in game development, esports, and business, via which the company plans to alleviate fears of the government as well as users concerning the foreign manpower. The move will also help create jobs in the country, primarily when the app ecosystem of India is undergoing a significant shift due to the backlash against Chinese apps.

Apart from the employment aspect, PUBG Corporation will also invest $100 million in India's varied ecosystems to "cultivate the local entertainment, video game, esports, and IT industries."

This could be the largest investment by a Korean company in India besides those in the manufacturing industry, according to the company.

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