Truecaller rolls out video caller ID, call recording, ghost call features on Android

Truecaller rolls out video caller ID, call recording, ghost call features on Android

Truecaller announced three new updates today for Android users and mentioned some updates are coming in for iOS as well.

New features are coming to Truecaller on Android New features are coming to Truecaller on Android

Truecaller announced some interesting updates to its Android app on Thursday including video caller ID, call recording feature, ghost calls, etc. All the new updates are for Truecaller’s Android app only and the company said that it is going to roll out some updates for the iOS app soon. However, it did not mention if any of the new updates announced today would make its way to the iOS version of the caller ID app or not. 


The video caller ID feature does exactly as the name suggests. Truecaller users can now record a short video to use as their caller ID. For users with video caller IDs, the videos are going to play instead of the app just showing the static profile photo. The app has templates for users to pick from to create these video caller IDs or they can make their own. This video caller ID feature is available for registered businesses as well on the app. 


Truecaller has brought the call recording feature in for all users now. 


The option to record a call will be available when you make a call through the Truecaller app and the recordings are saved on device or on cloud. There is also an option to set call recording on auto, this can be toggled on and off. The company said that many users want to record calls to retain the information but also to be able to report spam calls. The calls you record also do not leave your device. 


The app has also created separate tabs for calls and messages now making it easier for users to check these lists separately. 

All the new features coming to Truecaller on Android
All new features coming to Truecaller on Android


One of the most interesting features rolled out today is the ghost caller option on the Truecaller app. If you are in a “tricky” situation and need to be bailed out with a call, this Ghost Caller feature can come to your rescue. Users can save a name for the “ghost caller”, like office or mom, or you can pick from your contacts. Users can also schedule the time they want the call to come in at. Once set, the app is going to place a call to your device and you can pretend that you have to take it and excuse yourself. With this feature you will no longer need to ask your best friend to rescue you with a fake call. 


Truecaller also has added the option for calls being announced when they come in. “If you’re busy doing something else when the phone rings – this feature is for you. No need to pick up the phone to check if it’s your mom, a friend, or a scammer. We will tell you,” the company explained. 



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