YouTube gets a 'Most Replayed' feature that marks out most popular parts of videos

YouTube gets a 'Most Replayed' feature that marks out most popular parts of videos

This new feature is a graph that will help people easily identify and locate parts of videos that have been watched the most.

(Photo: YouTube) (Photo: YouTube)

YouTube has a new feature that has been designed to help people identify the most popular parts of the video they are watching. This “Most Replayed” feature is essentially a graph that can be uses to locate and watch the most popular parts of a video, the parts that have been played by other users the most. This might not seem helpful for smaller videos but it is quite helpful for longer videos that are not broken down into sections with timestamps or video chapters.

This “Most Replayed” feature was previously available as an experiment for YouTube Premium subscribers and could be accessed from Now it is going to be available to all YouTube users, free and Premium, across desktop, iOS, and Android.

Creators do segment their videos into chapters and use timestamps, but the ‘Most Replayed’ feature helps scrub through a YouTube video faster to navigate to what’s most interesting, or going viral. Some of these popular parts of the video might not always correlate to timestamps, or chapters - so this an easier way to find them. This also helps guide users to parts other video others found most interesting and useful.

This “Most Replayed” feature appears in the form of a subtle grey graph as one progresses through a video with the progress bar. If the graph is high, that means that particular segment has been replayed often. There is also a video thumbnail that appears to indicate once you have hit the segment that has been replayed the most.

Additionally, YouTube is also rolling out support for video chapters to smart TVs and gaming consoles. Video chapters was first introduced in May 2020 and this feature allows users to jump toa particular section in the video to rewatch it. These chapters can be automatically generated now.

The platform is adding another feature called Single Loop that will allow users to put individual videos on endless repeat. This feature can be selected from the same menu that hosts video quality toggles, caption, etc.

Also, in full-screen mode, users will see a new panel that displays information about the video like description, chapters, and comments, along with quick action buttons for like, dislike, comment, share, etc. YouTube is also set to add a new feature that will let users seek the exact moment in a video they want to watch. This feature is going to be available for Premium users first via the website.

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